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Fall 20172AWorld History (Prehistory-1000)MW3:30-4:45
Fall 20172CWorld History (1700CE-Present)MW2:00-3:15
Winter 20182BWorld History (1000 CE to 1700 CE)
2XXGraduate course
Spring 20182AWorld History  (Prehistory to 1000CE)
Spring 20182CWorld History (1700CE-Present)
Fall 20174CWestern Civilization (1715CE-Present)MWF12:00-12:50
Winter 20184BWestern Civilization (1050-1715CE)
Spring 20184CWestern Civilization (1715CE to Present)
Spring 20187Great Issues in the History of Public Policy
Winter 20188Introduction to History of Latin America
Spring 20188Introduction to History of Latin America
9Historical Investigations: Methods and Skills
Spring 20189Historical Investigations: Methods and Skills
Spring 20189Historical Investigations: Methods and Skills
Fall 20179Historical Investigations: Methods & SkillsMW2:00 - 3:15pm
Fall 201717AThe American People (Colonial through Jacksonian Era)MWF11:00-11:50
Fall 201717CThe American People (WWI-Present)TR3:30-4:45pm
Winter 201817BAmerican Legal & Constitutional History
Spring 201817CThe American People (WWI-Present)
Winter 201820Science, Technology, and Medicine in Modern Society
46Survey of Middle Eastern History – Session AMTWR11:00-12:15
Fall 201746Survey of Middle Eastern HistoryMW9:30-10:45
Spring 201846MIModern Iran
Winter 201849ASurvey of African History
Spring 201849BSurvey of African History
Winter 201880East Asian Civilization (cross-listed with EACS 80)
Fall 201787Japanese History Through Art and LiteratureTR12:30-1:45
Fall 201788Survey of South Asian HistoryTR3:30-4:45
Winter 201899Introduction to Research
Winter 2018100HHistorical Writing
Winter 2018101GComparative Histories of Same-Sex Practices and Gender Variance
Winter 2018104SSRace, Science and Society
Fall 2017105QReadings in the History of Science and TechnologyMW9:30-10:45
Winter 2018105CWScience and Technology in the Cold War  
Spring 2018105IIInfrastructure and Ideology in the Modern World
Spring 2018109TTechnology in Modern American History
Winter 2018111QReadings in Greek History
Spring 2018112ARoman Imperialism
Fall 2017114AHistory of Christianity: Beginning to 800WF9:30-10:45
Fall 2017115RUndergraduate Research Seminar in Medieval European HistoryF12:00-2:50
Fall 2017115XMedieval ScandalsMW9:30-10:45
Winter 2018115BThe Worlds of Renaissance Italy, 1300-1500
Spring 2018117CWomen, The Family, and Sexuality in the Middle Ages (cross-listed FEN ST 117C)
Winter 2018117CWomen, The Family, and Sexuality in the Middle Ages
Fall 2017118BMuslims, Christians, and Jews in Medieval Spain: Conquest, Colonization, and CoexistenceTR11:00-12:15
121EETopics in Early Modern European History
Spring 2018121RUndergraduate Research Seminar in Early Modern Europe, 1450-1700
Fall 2017123AEurope in the Nineteenth CenturyTR2:00-3:15
Spring 2018123CEurope Since Hitler
Winter 2018127AThe History of the French Empire
Fall 2017129CEurope in the Seventeenth CenturyTR2:00-3:15
Fall 2017129QReadings in Early Modern EuropeT5:00-7:50pm
Winter 2018129DEurope in the Eighteenth Century
Spring 2018129EEurope in the Eighteenth Century
Fall 2017135BHistory of RussiaTR12:30-1:45
Winter 2018135CHistory of Russia
Fall 2017140AEarly Modern BritainTR9:30-10:45
Winter 2018140BEarly Modern Britain
Winter 2018141BTwentieth Century Britain
Fall 2017144BSocial and Cultural History of the U.S. – Mexico BorderTR12:30-1:45
Spring 2018144WWomen of Color and Social Movements in the United States
Winter 2018145AThe Middle East I: From the Origins of Islam to the Year 1000
Spring 2018145BThe Middle East II: The Era of Invasions, 1000-1500
Winter 2018146History of the Modern Middle East
Winter 2018146RUndergraduate Research Seminar in Middle Eastern History
Winter 2018146THistory of Israel/Palestine
Fall 2017147RUndergraduate Research Seminar in African HistoryT10:00-12:50
Spring 2018147DHistory of Development in Africa
Fall 2017148APre-Colonial Southern AfricaMW9:30-10:45
Spring 2018151ALatin American History
Spring 2018151RUndergraduate Research Seminar in Latin American History
Fall 2017154LAAndean History: Pre-Hispanic and Colonial PeriodsMWF3:00-3:50
Fall 2017156AHistory of MexicoMWF9:00-9:50
Fall 2017159RUndergraduate Research Seminar in Women’s HistoryM10:00-12:50
Winter 2018159BWomen in American History (cross-listed with FEM ST 159B)
Spring 2018159CWomen in Twentieth Century American History (cross-listed with FEM ST 159C)
Winter 2018161BColonial and Revolutionary America
Winter 2018161RUndergraduate Research Seminar in Early American History
Spring 2018161NEThe Cultural History of New England: 1450-1850
Spring 2018164CCivil War and Reconstruction
Fall 2017166AUnited States in the Twentieth CenturyTR11:00-12:15
Winter 2018166BUnited States in the Twentieth Century
Winter 2018166RUndergraduate Research Seminar in 20th Century U.S. History
Spring 2018166CUnited States in the Twentieth Century
Fall 2017167CBCapital and Class in 20th Century AmericaMW3:30-4:45
Spring 2018167QLabor Studies Internship Research Seminar
Fall 2017168AHistory of the ChicanosMW5:00-6:15pm
Winter 2018168BHistory of the Chicanos
Winter 2018168CRUndergraduate Research Seminar in Chicano History
Winter 2018168NInterracial Intimacy
Winter 2018171CThe United States and the World, 1898-1945
171METhe United States and the Middle East Since 1900
Fall 2017173TAmerican Environmental HistoryMWF11:00-11:50
Winter 2018175BAmerican Cultural History
Winter 2018175DAmerican Family History
Spring 2018175RUndergraduate Research Seminar in American Consumer Culture
Winter 2018177History of California
Spring 2018177RUndergraduate Research Seminar in California History
178AAmerican Urban History
Winter 2018179BNative American History, 1838 to the Present
Spring 2018185BModern China (Since 1911)
Fall 2017187AJapan Under the Tokugawa ShogunsMWF2:00-2:50
187CRecent Japan
187RUndergraduate Research Seminar in Japanese History
Winter 2018192Public History
Spring 2018192RUndergraduate Research Seminar in Public History
Winter 2018193RUndergraduate Research Seminar in Food in World History
Spring 2018193FFood in World History
Fall 2017194AHSenior Honors SeminarR2:00-4:50
194BHSenior Honors Seminar
Winter 2018194BHSenior Honors Seminar
Winter 2018195IASenior Thesis
Fall 2017200EHistorical Literature: EuropeM1:00-3:50
Winter 2018200ASHistorical Literature: Asia (ONLY HIIST)
Fall 2017201CAdvanced Historical Literature – ComparativeR11:00-1:50
Fall 2017201GAdvanced Historical Literature – GenderW1:00-3:50
Fall 2017201MEAdvanced Historical Literature – Middle EastT10:00-12:50
Fall 2017201AMAdvanced Historical Literature: AmericaW2:00-4:50
Winter 2018201ASAdvanced Historical Literature: Asia
Winter 2018201EAdvanced Historical Literature — Europe  
Winter 2018201REAdvanced Historical Literature — Race and Ethnicity
201EAdvanced Historical Literature — Europe  
201OHAdvanced Historical Literature – Oral History
Spring 2018201AMAdvanced Historical Literature: American
Spring 2018201EAdvanced Historical Literature: Europe
Spring 2018201EAdvanced Historical Literature: Europe
Spring 2018201GAdvanced Historical Literature: Gender
Spring 2018201LAAdvanced Historical Literature: Latin America
Spring 2018201MEAdvanced Historical Literature–Middle East
Spring 2018201REAdvanced Historical Literature: Race and Ethnicity
Winter 2018201AMAdvanced Historical Literature
Fall 2017202Historical MethodsW9:00-11:50
Winter 2018204HHuman and Post-Human Ontologies
Spring 2018204Research Workshop
206History and Theory
Winter 2018209AThe Academic Profession of History
Fall 2017215ASeminar in Medieval HistoryM4:00-6:50pm
Winter 2018215BSeminar in Medieval History
Winter 2018253ASpecial Seminar in Latin American History
Spring 2018253BSpecial Seminar in Latin American History
Winter 2018266AResearch Seminar in Recent U.S. History
Spring 2018266BResearch Seminar in Recent U.S. History
Winter 2018277ATopics in the History of Science
Spring 2018277BTopics in the History of Science
287JReinventing “Japan” Colloquium  
Spring 2018287JReinventing “Japan” Colloquium  
Spring 2018289ASeminar in Chinese History
Fall 2017292CFoundations of U.S. History, 1917-PresentM1:00-3:50pm
Winter 2018292BFoundations of U.S. History, 1846 to 1917
Spring 2018292AFoundations of U.S. History to 1846
Fall 2017294Colloquium in Work, Labor, and Political EconomyF1:00-3:50
Winter 2018294Colloquium in Work, Labor, and Political Economy
Spring 2018294Colloquium in Work, Labor, and Political Economy
Fall 2017295TSWorkshop in the History of Technology and ScienceT3:30-5:30pm
Winter 2018295TSWorkshop in the History of Science and Technology
Spring 2018295TSWorkshop in the History of Science and Technology
Winter 2018295Workshop in Environmental History

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