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Summer 2018W 80Chinese Civilization *Online Course*
Winter 20182BWorld History (1000 CE to 1700 CE)MW2:00-3:15pm
2XXGraduate course
Spring 20182AWorld History  (Prehistory to 1000CE)MW3:30-4:45pm
Spring 20182CWorld History (1700CE-Present)TR2:00-3:15pm
Summer 20182AWorld History (Prehistory to 1000 CE)
Summer 20182CWorld History (1700 CE to Present)
Fall 20182A World History (Prehistory to 1000CE)MW3:30-4:45pm
Fall 20182CWorld History (1700CE-PRESENT)MW12:30-1:45pm
Winter 20184BWestern Civilization (1050-1715CE)TR12:30-1:45pm
Spring 20184CWestern Civilization (1715CE to Present)TR9:30-10:45am
Summer 20184BWestern Civilization (1050 to 1715 CE)
Summer 20184CWestern Civilization (1715 CE to Present)
Summer 20185The History of Present
Fall 20185The History of The PresentMW3:30-4:45pm
Spring 20187Great Issues in the History of Public PolicyTR12:30-1:45pm
Winter 20188Introduction to History of Latin AmericaTR5:00- 6:15pm
Spring 20188Introduction to History of Latin AmericaTR3:30-4:45pm
Summer 20188Introduction to History of Latin America
Fall 20188Introduction to History of Latin AmericaTR5:00-6:15pm
9Historical Investigations: Methods and Skills
Spring 20189Historical Investigations: Methods and SkillsMWF2:00-2:50pm
9Historical Investigations: Methods and Skills
Fall 20189Historical Investigations: Methods and SkillsTR9:30-10:45am
Winter 201817BThe American PeopleMWF11:00-11:50pm
Spring 201817CThe American People (WWI-Present)MWF11:00-11:50pm
Summer 201817CAmerican People (WW1 – Present)
Fall 201817AThe American PeopleMW11:00-12:15pm
Winter 201820Science, Technology, and Medicine in Modern SocietyMWF 8:00-8:50am
46Survey of Middle Eastern History – Session AMTWR11:00-12:15
Spring 201846MIModern IranTR12:30-1:45pm
Summer 201846Survey of Middle Eastern History
Fall 201846Survey of Middle Eastern HistoryMW9:30-10:45am
Winter 201849ASurvey of African HistoryTR5:00- 6:15pm
Spring 201849BSurvey of African HistoryWF9:30-10:45am
Winter 201880East Asian Civilization (cross-listed with EACS 80)MW5:00- 6:15pm
Fall 201880Chinese CivilizationTR5:00-6:15pm
Winter 201899Introduction to Research
Spring 201899Introduction to Research
Fall 201899Introduction to ResearchTBATBA
Winter 2018100HHistorical WritingT10:00- 12:50pm
Winter 2018101GComparative Histories of Same-Sex Practices and Gender VarianceMW3:30- 4:45pm
102MNSpecial Topics
Winter 2018104SSRace, Science and Society
Winter 2018105CWScience and Technology in the Cold War  TR8:00- 9:15am
105IIInfrastructure and Ideology in the Modern World
Spring 2018109TTechnology in Modern American HistoryMW9:30-10:45am
Winter 2018111QReadings in Greek HistoryR2:00- 4:50pm
Spring 2018112ARoman ImperialismTR9:30-10:45am
Winter 2018115BThe Worlds of Renaissance Italy, 1300-1500MW2:00-3:15pm
Fall 2018115AWorlds of Medieval ItalyMW9:30-10:45am
117CWomen, The Family, and Sexuality in the Middle Ages (cross-listed FEN ST 117C)
Winter 2018117CWomen, The Family, and Sexuality in the Middle AgesTR11:00- 12:15pm
Summer 2018117ATowns, Trade, and Urban Culture in the Middle Ages
121EETopics in Early Modern European History
Spring 2018121RUndergraduate Research Seminar in Early Modern Europe, 1450-1700W1:00-3:50pm
Winter 2018121ETopics in Early Modern European HistoryTR11:00-12:15pm
Spring 2018121CHistory of France, 1500-1700TR2:00-3:15
Fall 2018121DCrime and Punishment in Early Modern EuropeTR9:30-10:45am
123CEurope Since Hitler
Summer 2018123CEurope Since Hitler
Summer 2018123BEurope in War and Revolution
Winter 2018127AThe History of the French EmpireMW5:00 - 6:15pm
Spring 2018127FThe French RevolutionMW5:00- 6:15pm
Winter 2018129DEurope in the Eighteenth CenturyTR2:00-3:15
Spring 2018129DEurope: 1715-1763TR3:30-4:45pm
Spring 2018129QReadings in Early Modern EuropeR9:00-11:50am
Fall 2018129FEurope in the Eighteenth CenturyMW2:00-3:15pm
Fall 2018129QReadings in Early Modern EuropeW4:00-6:50pm
Spring 2018132War and Society Since 1789W1:00-3:50pm
Fall 2018133ANineteenth Century GermanTR2:00-3:15pm
Winter 2018135CHistory of RussiaMW2:00-3:15pm
Summer 2018135CHistory of Russia (1917- Present)
Winter 2018140BEarly Modern BritainTR12:30-1:45pm
Winter 2018141BTwentieth Century BritainMW9:30-10:45am
144WWomen of Color and Social Movements in the United StatesTR9:30-10:45am
144BSocial and Cultural History of the U.S. – Mexico BorderTR9:30-10:45am
Spring 2018144WWomen of Color and Social Movements in the United StatesMWF1:00-1:50pm
Winter 2018145AThe Middle East I: From the Origins of Islam to the Year 1000TR9:30-10:45am
Spring 2018145BThe Middle East II: The Era of Invasions, 1000-1500TR2:00-3:15pm
Winter 2018146History of the Modern Middle EastMW3:30-4:45pm
Winter 2018146RUndergraduate Research Seminar in Middle Eastern HistoryM2:00-4:50pm
Winter 2018146THistory of Israel/PalestineMW9:30-10:45am
Summer 2018146History of the Modern Middle East
Spring 2018147DHistory of Development in AfricaTR5:00- 6:15pm
Spring 2018148PLPolitics and Leisure in AfricaTR11:00- 12:15pm
Fall 2018148AUAfrican Urban History: From the Ancient City State to the Contemporary MetropolisMW11:00-12:15pm
Winter 2018149ADIntroduction to the History of the African DiasporaMW3:30-4:45pm
Spring 2018151ALatin American HistoryWF3:30-4:45pm
Spring 2018151RUndergraduate Research Seminar in Latin American HistoryM3:00-5:50pm
Fall 2018156AHistory of Mexico: Pre-Hispanic and Colonial PeriodsTR3:30-4:45pm
Winter 2018159BWomen in American History (cross-listed with FEM ST 159B)MWF11:00-11:50pm
Spring 2018159CWomen in Twentieth Century American History (cross-listed with FEM ST 159C)MFW12:00-12:50pm
Summer 2018159BWomen in American History
Fall 2018159BWomen in American History (Cross-listed with FEM ST 159B)MWF11:00-11:50am
Winter 2018161BColonial and Revolutionary AmericaTR12:30-1:45pm
Winter 2018161RUndergraduate Research Seminar in Early American HistoryM10:00-12:50pm
Spring 2018161NEThe Cultural History of New England: 1450-1850TR12:30-1:45pm
Fall 2018161BColonial and Revolutionary AmericaTR11:00-12:15pm
Spring 2018164CCivil War and ReconstructionTR3:30-4:45pm
Summer 2018164IBAmerican Immigration
Fall 2018164IBAmerican ImmigrationTR2:00-3:15pm
Winter 2018166BUnited States in the Twentieth CenturyTR11:00-12:15pm
Winter 2018166RUndergraduate Research Seminar in 20th Century U.S. HistoryW1:00-3:50pm
Spring 2018166CUnited States in the Twentieth CenturyMW3:30-4:45pm
Fall 2018166CUnited States in the Twentieth CenturyTR11:00-12:15pm
Spring 2018167QLabor Studies Internship Research SeminarR3:00-5:50pm
Winter 2018168BHistory of the ChicanosMW5:00- 6:15pm
Winter 2018168CRUndergraduate Research Seminar in Chicano HistoryM11:00-1:50pm
Winter 2018168NInterracial IntimacyTR2:00-3:15pm
Fall 2018168BHistory of the ChicanosTR12:30-1:45pm
Winter 2018171CThe United States and the World, 1898-1945TR2:00-3:15
171METhe United States and the Middle East Since 1900
Spring 2018171DThe United States and the World Since 1945TR2:00-3:15pm
Summer 2018172BPolitics and Public Policy in the United States
Summer 2018174CWealth and Poverty in America
Winter 2018175BAmerican Cultural HistoryTR9:30-10:45am
Winter 2018175DAmerican Family HistoryTR3:30- 4:45pm
Spring 2018175RUndergraduate Research Seminar in American Consumer CultureF9:00-11:50am
Fall 2018175AAmerican Cultural HistoryTR9:30-10:45am
Winter 2018177History of CaliforniaMW5:00- 6:15pm
Spring 2018177RUndergraduate Research Seminar in California HistoryM1:00-3:50pm
Summer 2018177History of California
Fall 2018177History of CaliforniaMW3:30-4:45pm
Fall 2018177RUndergraduate Research Seminar in California HistoryM9:00-11:50am
178AAmerican Urban History
Spring 2018179BNative American History, 1838 to the PresentTR3:30-4:45pm
179RUndergraduate Research Seminar in Native American HistoryW3:00-5:50pm
Spring 2018179RUndergraduate Research Seminar in Native American HistoryMW12:30-1:45pm
Fall 2018179ANative American History to 1838TR6:30-7:45pm
Spring 2018185BModern China (Since 1911)MW5:00- 6:15pm
187CRecent Japan
187RUndergraduate Research Seminar in Japanese History
Spring 2018187BModern JapanMWF1:00-1:50pm
Fall 2018187BModern JapanMW2:00-3:15pm
Fall 2018187RUndergraduate Research Seminar in Japanese HistoryTR12:30-1:45pm
188SRepresentations of Sexuality in Modern Japan
Winter 2018188SRepresentations of Sexuality in Modern JapanTR8:00-9:15pm
Fall 2018189EHistory of the PacificTR3:30-4:45pm
Winter 2018192Public HistoryTR3:30- 4:45pm
Spring 2018192RUndergraduate Research Seminar in Public HistoryW1:00-3:50pm
Winter 2018193RUndergraduate Research Seminar in Food in World HistoryT1:00-3:50pm
Spring 2018193FFood in World HistoryTR11:00- 12:15pm
194BHSenior Honors Seminar
Winter 2018194BHSenior Honors SeminarM2:00-4:50pm
Fall 2018194AHSenior Honors SeminarW1:00-3:50pm
Winter 2018195IASenior ThesisW1:00- 3:50pm
Fall 2018196Internship in HistoryTBATBA
199Independent Studies
Winter 2018199Independent Studies
Winter 2018199RAIndependent Research Assistance
Fall 2018199Independent StudiesTBATBA
Fall 2018199RAIndependent Research AssistanceTBATBA
Winter 2018200ASHistorical Literature: Asia (ONLY HIIST)R5:00- 7:50pm
Winter 2018201ASAdvanced Historical Literature: AsiaR2:00- 4:50pm
Winter 2018201EAdvanced Historical Literature — Europe  W11:00-1:50pm
Winter 2018201REAdvanced Historical Literature — Race and EthnicityW4:00-6:50pm
201EAdvanced Historical Literature — Europe  
201OHAdvanced Historical Literature – Oral History
201AMAdvanced Historical Literature: American
Spring 2018201EAdvanced Historical Literature: EuropeF9:00-11:50am
Spring 2018201EAdvanced Historical Literature: EuropeW9:00-11:50am
Spring 2018201GAdvanced Historical Literature: GenderW2:00-4:50pm
Spring 2018201LAAdvanced Historical Literature: Latin AmericaT9:00-11:50am
Spring 2018201MEAdvanced Historical Literature–Middle EastM5:00- 7:50pm
201REAdvanced Historical Literature: Race and Ethnicity
Winter 2018201AMAdvanced Historical LiteratureW1:00-3:50pm
201EAdvanced Historical LiteratureR1:00-3:50pm
Winter 2018201EAdvanced Historical LiteratureR1:00-3:50pm
Spring 2018201EAdvanced Historical Literature: EuropeR12:00-2:50pm
Winter 2018204HHuman and Post-Human OntologiesW9:00-11:50am
Spring 2018204Research WorkshopM3:00-5:50pm
206History and Theory
Winter 2018209AThe Academic Profession of HistoryT1:00-3:50pm
Winter 2018215BSeminar in Medieval HistoryR4:00-6:50pm
223ASeminar in Modern European HistoryW1:00-3:50pm
Winter 2018253ASpecial Seminar in Latin American HistoryW5:00- 7:50pm
Spring 2018253BSpecial Seminar in Latin American HistoryT6:00-8:50pm
Winter 2018266AResearch Seminar in Recent U.S. HistoryT11:00-1:50pm
Spring 2018266BResearch Seminar in Recent U.S. HistoryW12:00-12:50pm
Winter 2018277ATopics in the History of ScienceT10:00-12:50pm
Spring 2018277BTopics in the History of ScienceT9:00-11:50am
287JReinventing “Japan” Colloquium  
287JReinventing “Japan” Colloquium  
Spring 2018289ASeminar in Chinese HistoryM9:00-11:50am
Winter 2018292BFoundations of U.S. History, 1846 to 1917R9:00-11:50am
Spring 2018292AFoundations of U.S. History to 1846W8:00- 10:50am
Winter 2018294Colloquium in Work, Labor, and Political EconomyF1:00-3:50pm
Spring 2018294Colloquium in Work, Labor, and Political EconomyF1:00-3:50pm
Winter 2018295TSWorkshop in the History of Science and TechnologyT3:00-5:50pm
Spring 2018295TSWorkshop in the History of Science and TechnologyT3:00-5:50pm
Winter 2018295Workshop in Environmental HistoryR6:00-9:00pm
295Workshop in Environmental HistoryR6:00-8:50pm
Spring 2018295Workshop in Environmental HistoryR6:00-8:50pm

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