Office Hours – Fall 2022

Mondays & Wednesdays 2-3 PM

Personal Statement:

I am a historian of the late ancient Mediterranean. After earning a B.A. in Medieval History, I turned things Byzantine and earned an M.A. in Late Antique and Byzantine Studies from King’s College London. My research interests broadly embrace topics pertaining to the history of philosophy, spirituality, and society in the Mediterranean and Middle East from the 2nd – 6th centuries CE. I am currently using theories of space, place, and materiality in order to reconstruct the particular numinous materiality experienced by late Romans of all confessional affiliations. I contend that the basic cosmological framework used by Christians, Platonists, Gnostics, Manichaeans, Jews, and more was essentially the same, and that this clues us into the fantastically engaged spiritual world of the late ancient Mediterranean. 

Teaching Fields:

Late Antiquity – Roman Studies – New Testament & Early Christianity – World History

Courses Taught:


Academic Writing (WRIT 2)

History of Christianity: Beginnings – 800CE (HIST 114A)

Teaching Assistant

History of Christianity: Beginnings – 800CE (HIST 114A)

Intro to Mexican History (HIST 56)

World History: Prehistory – 1000 CE (HIST 2A)

World History: 1000 – 1700 CE (HIST 2B)

World History: 1700 CE – Present (HIST 2C)

Awards & Professional Activities:

Awards and Honors

Harold and Kathleen Drake Award (2019) – History

Thomas Sizgorich Memorial Award (2018) – History

Fellowships and Grants

Departmental Research Travel Grant (2019) – History

Dumas Travel Scholarship (2019) – Classics

Late Ancient Studies Fellowship (2018-Present) – History

Publishing Experience

Graduate Advisor, UCSB Journal of History (2020-Present)

Editorial Assistant, Studies in Late Antiquity: A Journal (2018-2020)