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Graduate Studies at UCSB

Our department offers graduate program training across a broad spectrum of time periods, geographically-defined and topical areas of specialization, and methodological approaches. While we continue to attract students in such long-established areas of strength as Medieval Europe, Gender, Twentieth Century U.S., and Public History, the graduate program reflects the dynamism of the field and the evolving interests of the faculty.

In addition to the fields of study offered within the department History graduate students also have opportunities to work with faculty in other departments, and to pursue PhD emphases in a number of interdisciplinary fields.

Further information about the structure of the program, course and degree requirements, fields of study, and related matters can be found in the Graduate Student Handbook.

MA/PhD Program

Since the department does not admit students solely for the purpose of obtaining a master’s degree, all applicants are admitted to a single M.A./Ph.D. program, designed to provide students with research training leading to the doctoral degree, pedagogical training and instructional opportunities in preparation for teaching at a range of post-secondary institutions, and a broader array of skills and professional development training to provide students with the versatility required to use their historical training in non-academic as well as academic settings.

Students have access to our broad offering of 16 fields of study with which to develop breadth and perspective in their field of choosing — eventually setting his or her specialty within that field’s encompassing framework.

Learn More About Our Graduate Program

The following pages provide information for prospective students interested in learning more about our faculty and fields of interest, and in applying to our program.  Currently enrolled students will find guidelines for fulfilling program requirements, information about fellowship and teaching assistant opportunities, and links to campus and off-campus resources for research funding, among other resources.

Department friends, alumni, colleagues and otherwise interested parties will learn more about what our graduate students are up to, including research, dissertations in progress and recently completed, publications, awards, and the wider range of contributions our graduate students are making to historical understanding in scholarly circles and the broader public sphere.

View the graduate student directory to learn about these achievements.


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