I am on fellowship during Fall 2021 and Winter 2022 quarters. Please email me or contact me on Nectir if you would like to reach me.

History 141B Syllabus for Summer Session A 2021

History 141B Course Schedule for Summer Session A 2021

Personal Statement:

I investigate the connections between the late Victorian British Empire and the development of queer identities in the metropole. I argue that “having” an empire affected the way British men thought about space, sex, and their own various identities, leading to an increasingly coherent cluster of fin-de-siècle queer sensibilities. The empire mattered to queerness, and vice versa.

My dissertation applies biographical and microhistorical methods to the life story of Hector Macdonald as a means of understanding the racial history of pedophilia, queer sexuality, and imperialism at the turn of the twentieth century. I argue that the life story of Macdonald allowed Scots to think through their gendered role within Britain and its empire.

I am a cultural historian of gender and sexuality, and my methods draw on the fields of literary studies, queer theory, and art history. I am a member of the History Department’s Gender and Sexualities Research Cluster.

Primary advisor: Erika Rappaport

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Dissertation Title:

“Relic of General Hector Macdonald, Guarantee Given”: A Cultural Biography of Memorialization, Scottish Masculinity, and Homosex in the British Empire

Selected Publications:

Biographical Sketch of Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. Lorenzo) Darling.” In the Biographical Database of NAWSA Suffragists, 1890-1920. 2021.

Biographical Sketch of Hattie Elizabeth (Mrs. Aylett) Cotton.” In the Biographical Database of NAWSA Suffragists, 1890-1920. 2020.

“Imaging the Criminal Body: ‘Faces of Meth’ and Galton’s Composite Photographs,” in Before-and-After Photography: Histories and Contexts, ed. Jordan Bear and Kate Palmer Albers (London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2017), 43-56.

Courses Taught:

Certificates and Awards:

Summer Teaching Institute for Associates Certificate, UCSB Instructional Development, 2021

Pillars of TAship Certificate, UCSB Instructional Development, 2020

Nominee, UCSB Academic Senate Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, 2020

Teaching Associate:

  • History 141B: Twentieth-Century Britain (Summer Session A 2021)

Graduate Teaching Assistant:

  • Writing 2: Academic Writing (Spring 2021)
  • Writing 2: Academic Writing (Winter 2021)
  • Writing 2: Academic Writing (Fall 2020)
  • History 17B: US History, Sectional Crisis through Progressivism (Summer Session A 2020)
  • History 87: Japanese History through Art and Literature (Spring 2020)
  • History 2A: World History, Prehistory-1000 (Winter 2020)
  • History 2B: World History, 1000-1700 (Fall 2019)
  • History 4C: History of Modern Europe, 1715-Present (Spring 2019)
  • History 2B: World History, c.1000-c.1800 (Winter 2019)
  • History 2C: World History, 1700-Present (Fall 2018)
  • History 4B: Western Civilization, 1050-1715 (Summer Session B 2018)
  • History 4C: Europe and the Crisis of Modernity, 1715-Present (Spring 2018)
  • Black Studies/History 49A: Survey of African History, Prehistory-c. 1800 (Winter 2018)
  • History 88: South Asian History (Fall 2017)

Awards & Professional Activities:

Awards, Fellowships, and Grants:

Recipient, Albert and Elaine Borchard European Studies Fellowship, 2021

Recipient, Kenneth Mouré And Sara Norquay Graduate Study Award, 2021

Recipient, American Institute for Sri Lankan Studies Dissertation Planning Grant, 2021

Recipient, History Department Dissertation Fellowship Award, 2021

Recipient, History Department Research Travel Grant, 2021

Recipient, Ann Rappaport Paper Prize in European History (2020), “‘Even His Lungs Were Affected’: Aubrey Beardsley, Earnestness, and the Artistic Politics of Interiority”

Recipient, History Associates Graduate Fellowship, 2020

Conference Activity:

Presenter, “Scottishness, Celebrity, Space, and Sex: The Case of Hector Macdonald,” Nineteenth-Century Studies Association, March 13, 2021 [virtual conference]

Panel chair, “Queer Colonials: Male Same-Sex Sexuality, Intimacy, and Desire Across the British Empire Before 1850” at QHC 2019, June 18, 2019 [San Francisco State University]

Student volunteer, Pacific Coast Conference on British Studies, 45th Annual Meeting, March 23-25, 2018 [University of California Santa Barbara]

Departmental Service:

History Department IT Graduate Student Assistant, 2019-21

Member, Website Redesign Committee, UCSB Department of History, 2019-21

Member, Community Relations Committee, UCSB Department of History, 2019-20

Professional Memberships:

American Institute for Sri Lankan Studies since 2020

The Aubrey Beardsley Society since 2020

Coordinating Council for Women in History since 2020

Nineteenth-Century Studies Association since 2021

North American Victorian Studies Association since 2020

Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender History since 2019

North American Conference on British Studies since 2019

Guest Lectures at UCSB:

US Imperialism in Global Context, July 22, 2020

Ancient Greek Sex and the Development of Gay Identities, February 13, 2020

Great Zimbabwe: Southern African State Formation (c. 1000-c. 1500) and its Misinterpretations (1871-?), February 20, 2018; February 21, 2019; November 7, 2019

New Imperialism: More Than a Political System, May 2, 2019; August 23, 2021

New Imperialism and the Great War, October 22, 2018