Personal Statement:

My current research focuses on South Asian immigrants to the United States, specifically the Pacific Northwest region, in the early twentieth century. As part of this, I study the Ghadar Party, a group of young Punjabi Sikh activists working up and down the west coast of the United States to agitate for an end to the British colonial presence in the Indian subcontinent and to seek solidarity with other racialized and oppressed groups to challenge white supremacy within the US itself. I also examine legal histories of immigration, naturalization, and policing of activism in the early twentieth century South Asian American communities. Language that I’ve been kicking around a lot lately is “how does transgression of the border of the white supremacist nation state produce race?” which sounds very fancy.

Awards & Professional Activities:

Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship, Intermediate Urdu, Summer 2018

Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship, Advanced Urdu, AY 2018-2019