• where the desert meets the forest
    A view of the border between cultivated land in Giza and the Sahara seen from Cairo’s middle ring road, Photo by Graduate Student: Anthony Greco

News and Events for Graduate Students and Faculty

Welcome! The information below will be particularly relevant to you if you are a current graduate student or a faculty member in the History Department.

HGSA Spotlight

History Graduate Students Association logo

The History Graduate Students Association has been a long-standing body of elected leaders from amongst the Graduate Students of the Department. Rejuvenated with a fresh constitution in 2020, HGSA is a body that aims to serve the needs, the welfare, and interests of present and future graduate students of the Department of History. They organize events, fundraisers, community building exercises, and platforms for graduate students to share their intellectual concerns and emotional conditions. They also serve to garner, sense and represent students’ needs and interests to all relevant levels of the university as well as to advance the academic, social, economic, and physical environment of graduate students of the History Department. The HGSA also has an extended element of GSA Committee Representatives wherein elected students participate in departmental committees.

Upcoming Events and Deadlines