Personal Statement:

My scholarly interest aims to understand the ways in which the imagination of technology, defense and the Other, especially in times of crisis, influence society’s conceptualization of security. Addressing these subjects and themes, my dissertation “Rising Sun Over America: Imagining a Japanese Conquest of the United States, 1900-1945” examines the prevalent fear of a Japanese invasion of the U. S. in the early twentieth century and the effect this anxiety had on international relations, domestic politics, and popular culture. A portion of this research will be published as a chapter in “Techno-Orientalism: Imagining Asia in Speculative Fiction, History, and Media,” a collective work forthcoming in spring 2015 from Rutgers University Press.

My interest in how geospatial imagination and emergent technologies have shaped society’s security consciousness led me to my next book-length research project, a cultural history of drones. I see interesting links between the contemporary investment in and simultaneous unease over drone warfare and much earlier contemplations of unmanned vehicles and weapons in the late nineteenth and throughout the twentieth century—periods under-investigated by most histories of drones.

My other areas of interest include:

  • film history: early television, early German cinema, film noir, safety films, 1970s cinema, independent film making
  • consumer culture
  • history of imperialism and immigration
  • Cold War culture
  • 1960s and 1970s social and protest movements
  • thrift stores

Research and Teaching Interests:

  • U.S. History
  • Asian American History
  • Military History
  • American Cultural History

Teaching Assistantships

  • HIS 17A: The American People, Colonial through Jacksonian Era
    Fall 2008 – Dr. Plane
  • HIS 17A: The American People, Colonial through Jacksonian Era
    Fall 2009 – Dr. Plane
  • HIS 17B: The American People, 1840-1920
    Winter 2009 – Dr. Majewski
  • HIS 17B: The American People, 1840-1920
    Winter 2012 – Dr. Wahlstrom
  • HIS 17C: The American People, World War One to Present
    Spring 2008 – Dr. Kalman
  • HIS 17C: The American People, World War One to Present
    Spring 2009 – Dr. Yaqub
  • HIS 5: History of the Present
    Fall 2010 – Dr. O’Connor
  • ENGR 101: Ethics in Engineering
    Summer 2008,2009; Winter 2011; Spring 2010,2011 – Drs. Swiontek, Walling, Boggs
  • AS AM 1: Introduction to Asian American History, 1850 – Present
    Winter 2009 – Dr. Zhao
  • CH ST 1A: Introduction to Chicana/o Studies
    Fall 2010 – Dr. Garcia
  • Art 7A: Art & Life
    Spring 2013 – Kip Fulbeck



Faculty Advisor(s):

Paul Spickard

Selected Publications:

  • “Demon courage and dread engines: the Russo-Japanese War and the genesis of the Japanese invasion sublime”
    in “Techno-Orientalism in Science Fiction Film, Media, and Literature,” Ed. David Roh, Greta Niu, and Betsy Huang, Rutgers University Press, 2015
  • “Aerial Torpedoes, Buzz Bombs, and Predators: A Brief Cultural History of Drones”
    Origins Magazine, Ohio State University. July 2013.
  • Encyclopedia entries for ABC-CLIO’s African American Experience and Pop Culture Universe Database. Spring 2010, 2011
  • “The Stockholder and Corporate Abuse of Power: An Illustrative Case”
    In Law in the Western United States, edited by Gordon Morris Bakken, 2001.
  • “Port of Sin: Legal Plight of Chinese Prostitutes in San Francisco”
    In The Welebaethan Journal of History, California State University, Fullerton, 1998.


Courses Taught:

  • History 105A: The Atomic Age
    Summer 2014
  • History 369: California History & Culture
    CSU Channel Islands, Camarillo, CA

    Fall 2012
  • History 132: A Cultural History of American Warfare
    UC Santa Barbara

    Summer 2011, Summer 2012, Summer 2013
  • History 270: US History to 1877
    Fall 2013, Fall 2014
  • ENG 101: Ethics in Engineering
    UC Santa Barbara,

    Summer 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
  • History 7: Social & Political History of the United States, 1865-present, Riverside Community College, Moreno Valley
  • History 5: History of Western Civilization, 1500-present, Riverside Community College, Moreno Valley
  • History 6: Social & Political History of the United States, to 1865, Riverside Community College, Moreno Valley


Honors and Professional Activities:

  • Lancaster Prize for the best dissertation in the Humanities and Fine Arts at UCSB, 2015
  • De Conde/Burns Prize for outstanding accomplishment in foreign relations, 2013
  • Dick Cook Memorial Fellowship For Outstanding Service, 2014
  • John Coleman Award for best international history/ military history paper, 2013
    Title: “Demon Courage and Dread Engines: the Russo-Japanese War and the genesis of the Japanese invasion sublime”
  • History Associates Fellowship, 2011, 2012



  • “‘Laid Waste By the Pressure of a Single Finger’: The Promise & Peril of Drones in Early Cold War Culture”
    GWU/UCSB/LSE Graduate Student Conference on the Cold War, George Washington University, April 25, 2013
  • “Aerial Torpedoes, Doodlebugs, and Predator Drones: Unmanned Aircraft Systems in the American Cultural Imagination”
    American Historical Association, New Orleans, 2013
  • “’Avenge Ellwood!’ Commemorating The Japanese Attack on Goleta, 70 Years Later”
    Goleta Valley Historical Society, Goleta, CA, 2012
  • ‘Lie Down, Santa Barbara, You’re Dead,’: Myth-making and Conspiracy in Remembering the 1942 Shelling of Ellwood”
    PAMLA Conference, Claremont, CA 2011
  • “‘Santa Barbara is in flames’: The Shelling of Ellwood, the Battle of Los Angeles, and 50 Years of Japanese War Scares,”
    Pacific Coast Branch AHA, Seattle, WA 2011


“The Brazen Throat of War: California Press Reaction to the Sino-Japanese War and the Growth of Japanese Militarism”
California State University, Fullerton, 2004