Personal Statement:

I am studying nineteenth-century US History with Lisa Jacobson and Pat Cohen (co-chairs). Generally, I’m interested in gender, consumer culture, identity, religion, and women’s work in the American West.

My dissertation project is an economic, cultural, and labor history of silk production in Mormon communities from the 1860s to the 1910s, contextualized by national and international silk industries during this period. I examine how Mormon women–the primary stewards of the silk industry–committed themselves to sericulture and created formal institutions to raise money, spread information about best practices, and pursue local, national, and international markets for their goods. My work considers polygamy as a labor system as well as the intersections of labor, gender, race, commerce, and commodities in community building and religious identity in the American West. This project also links nineteenth-century archival material with analyses of how the public commemorates and interacts with the past. In particular, I consider sites that memorialize the first generations of Latter-day Saints, including “This is the Place” Heritage Park and the “This is the Place” monument in Salt Lake City.

I have presented at annual meetings of the Western Association of Women Historians, the American Society for Ethnohistory, and the Western History Association.

Dissertation Title:

"Silk Country: Women, Work, and Enterprise in the Great Basin, 1850-1910s"

Selected Publications:

“‘You Look Like a Boy’: Gendered Representations of Hair Loss in Books for Pediatric Cancer Patients” inĀ The Lion and the Unicorn 37, no. 2 (April 2013): 125-142.


Teaching Fields:

Gender and Consumer Culture in the US

US History, 1865 to the Present

Public History

American Religions

The American West

Women and Work

Courses Taught:

HIST 17A-The American People (Colonial through Jacksonian Era) Fall 2014

HIST 17B-The American People (Sectional Crisis through Progressivism) Winter 2015, Winter 2016

HIST 17C-The American People (World War I to the Present) Spring 2014, Spring 2015

HIST 5-History of the Present Fall 2015

HIST 4C-Western Civilization (1700 to the Present) Spring 2016

HIST 2C-World History (1700 to the Present) Summer 2015

Awards & Professional Activities:

UCSB Graduate Student Association Travel Grant, Fall 2017

Charles Redd Fellowship Award in Western American Studies, Spring 2017

Steve and Barbara Mendell Graduate Fellowship in Cultural Literacy, for research that advances the goals of broad-based cultural literacy and high ethical standards for participative democracy, Spring 2017

UCSB History Associates Van Gelderen Graduate Fellowship, for graduate students studying the American West, Spring 2017

UCSB History Associates William H. Ellison Prize, for the best history graduate student seminar paper, Spring 2017

Graduate Humanities Research Assistant Program Fellowship, AY 2017-18

The Public Historian Assistant Review Editor, AY 2016-17

UCSB History Associates Robert L. Kelley Fellowship, for research in public history, Spring 2016

UCSB History Associates Wilbur Jacobs Prize, for history in colonial, Native American, or frontier studies, Spring 2016

UCSB History Associates Dick Cook Memorial Fellowship, for outstandingĀ graduate student in research, teaching, and service, Spring 2015

UCSB History Associates Research Fellowship, Spring 2015