Personal Statement:

I study modern U.S. history (1880 – present), focusing on women and the environment. I am particularly interested in the physical and cultural creation of national parks, the travel industry, and the relationships between space/place politics, mobility, and social movements.

Selected Publications:

  • March and the Circulation of Social Action Texts” (Book Chapter for Edited Collection with Dr. Martha Webber). Accepted for inclusion in Teaching Graphic Novels in English and Literature Courses, an edited collection (no contract).
  • “In Search of Lost Things: Proust and the Importance of Material Culture.” American Papers, 33. (2014): 74-77. Print.
  • “Oh Captain, Our Captain: Captain America as a Hitler-Punching, Commie-Smashing, American God.” The American Papers, 32. (2013): 85-91. Print.