Personal Statement:

I study International/US Diplomatic History, with fields in Modern US History and African History. I am also interested in the historiographies of comparative race and ethnicity, the Cold War, and African-American History. For the duration of the Fall 2017 and Winter 2018 quarters, I will be working as a Department Fellow at the UCSB Center for Cold War Studies & International History. Prior to my time at UCSB I attended UNC-Chapel Hill, where I received my MA in Global Studies with an emphasis on Global Politics, Institutions & Societies. My MA thesis was a study of the US anti-apartheid movement, one that looked closely at the role of pressure groups in advancing the movement to impose economic sanctions on South Africa in the 1980s. I followed this case study with a critical analysis of the effectiveness of economic sanctions. This project enhanced my understanding of the intersections of race and national security in the context of the Cold War, specifically in relation to southern Africa. While at UCSB, I am interested in continuing my research on the causes and effects of economic sanctions against the South African apartheid regime.

Selected Publications:

“The Turkey Agreement and the Dash to Curb the Refugee Crisis,” for UNC Center for European Studies: European Horizons at Carolina (22 March 2016),

“A Week After the Paris Attacks: Overview and Ramifications,” for UNC Center for European Studies: European Horizons at Carolina (21 November 2016),

Awards & Professional Activities:

Graduate Student Assistant, Center for Cold War Studies and International History. UCSB. 2017-2018.

Executive Board Member of European Horizons at Carolina. Communication Director. UNC-Chapel Hill. 2015-2016.

UNC Global Studies Planning Committee. UNC-Chapel Hill. 2015-2016.

Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship recipient. UNC-Chapel Hill. 2015-2016.

US Fulbright Student Program National Semi-Finalist. UNC-Chapel Hill. 2015-2016.

“Highest Achievement in History Award” NC State. Commencement May 2014.

“Best Paper by a Graduating Senior” for capstone project, NC State. Commencement May 2014.