Personal Statement:

I work on the transition from early modern to modern European colonialism in the long eighteenth century.  I specialize in French imperialism, political economy and Atlantic revolutions, with a special focus on the impact of the Haitian Revolution on France and the United States.

Research and Teaching Interests:

The Age of Revolution in the Atlantic World

The History of Capitalism

The French Empire

Geographies of the Caribbean

The Early American Republic

Race and Slavery

Selected Publications:

  • With Marc Belissa, Jack Rakove and Clément Thibaud, “Regards Croisés. Les indépendances dans l’espace atlantique, v. 1763 – v. 1829”, Annales historiques de la Révolution française, June 2016, n°2: 167-198.
  • “Baltimore and the French Atlantic: Empires, Commerce, and Identity in a Revolutionary Age”, in: Adrian Leonard and David Pretel (ed.), The Caribbean and the Atlantic World Economy: Circuits of Trade, Money and Knowledge, 1650-1914 (Basingstoke, 2015): 87-107.
  • “Race, Slavery, and Colonies in the French Revolution”, in: David Andress (ed.), Oxford Handbook of the French Revolution (Oxford, 2015): 290-307.
  • “Droit de la neutralité, pratiques de mobilité marchande et catégorisation politique à l’ère des révolutions : entre Antilles et États-Unis (années 1790)”, in Eric Schnakenbourg (ed.), Neutres et neutralité dans l’espace atlantique (Rennes, 2015)
  • “L’Assemblée constituante face à l’Exclusif colonial (1789-1791)”, in: Jean-François Niort, Frédéric Régent, and Pierre Serna (ed.), Les colonies, la Révolution française, la loi (Rennes, 2014): 69-89.
  • “Gagner n’importe comment: l’interlope entre États-Unis et Saint-Domingue (1784-1789)”, Eric Saunier (ed.), Le journal du Philanthrope (Le Havre, 2013): 43-60.
  • “La Révolution haïtienne entre Révolution française et Atlantic History”, in Gabriel Entin, Alejandro Gomez, Federica Morelli, and Clément Thibaud (ed.), L’Atlantique révolutionnaire. Une perspective ibéro-américaine (Paris, 2013): 259-88.
  • “Le Comité des colonies (1789-1793)” La Révolution française, Cahiers de l’institut d’histoire de la Révolution française, online.
  • “I, François B., Protestant, Merchant and Refugee – A Tale of Failure in the Atlantic World”, French History 25, no.1 (March, 2011): 69-88.
  • “Caraïbes et Contre-Révolution” in Jean-Clément Martin (ed.), Dictionnaire de la Contre-Révolution (Paris, 2011): 129-36.

Courses Taught:

197 MC Special topics. History of the French Empire

193 AW Revolts and Revolutions in the Atlantic World (1750-1830)

201 E Advanced Historical Literature: Europe

Honors and Professional Activities:

2015,  John Carter Brown Library Associates fellowship.

2014,  Postdoctoral fellowship, Program in Early American Economy and Society, Library Company, Philadelphia.

2013, Award for the best dissertation in all fields defended at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales.

2013 Comité national pour la mémoire et l’histoire de l’esclavage award for the best dissertation on the history of slavery.

2009 Short term research grant, Atlantic Seminar, Harvard University

2009 Fulbright Fellowship.