Research and Teaching Interests:

  • U.S. History
  • History of the U.S. South
  • U.S. Race Relations
  • 19th Century U.S. Political History

Current Projects:

  • Black Voters In White Birmingham, 1871-1884
  • The interplay of race and class in an emerging industrial center, focusing on black political initiatives and the responses blacks encountered
  • Black Education in Birmingham
  • Black efforts to obtain resources for black education and the varying levels of discrimination they encountered from different political coalitions

Selected Publications:

  • “Stability and Change in Discrimination against Black Public Schools: Birmingham, Alabama, 1871-1931,” Journal of Southern History, 51 (August 1985)
  • “Spotlight on State Legislatures,” Reviews In American History, 10 (March, 1982)
  • Political Power In Birmingham, 1871-1921 (University of Tennessee Press, 1977)
  • “Right Fork or Left Fork? The Section-Party Alignments of Southern Democrats in Congress, 1873-1897,” Journal of Southern History, 42 (November 1976).
  • “Reforms in Government Control of Negroes in Birmingham, Alabama, 1890-1920,” Journal of Southern History, 38 (Nov. 1972)

Courses Taught:

  • History 17B: The American People (Sectional Crisis through Progressivism)
  • History 160A: The American South to 1865
  • History 160B: The American South, 1865 to the Present
  • History 160P: Proseminar in the History of the American South
  • History 201AM: Advanced Historical Literature: America
  • History 265A-B: Seminar in American Political and Social History
  • History 292B: Foundations of U.S. History, 1846 to 1917