In this two-quarter seminar students write a senior thesis on a research topic of substantial depth and complexity, under the guidance of a faculty mentor and the seminar director.

In the fall quarter, honors candidates begin their research and develop a prospectus and working bibliography for their thesis. Participants submit applications to the campus-wide competition for undergraduate research funding.

The remaining term is devoted to independent research, conducted in consultation with the student’s individual mentors, and to writing, under the guidance of the seminar director. The theses are usually 50-100 pages in length. A copy of the final thesis is shelved in the departmental reading room.

Students who successfully complete this course earn Distinction in the History Major at graduation.

Prerequisites for Admission:

  • GPA in the major of 3.5 or above.
  • Writing samples presented to the seminar director, usually reviewed at the end of the previous year.
  • A professor-sponsor (mentor) for the research project who is familiar with your work and willing and able to work with you for three quarters.
  • Priority given to students who have completed a Directed Reading or Proseminar course.

Note: The Department contacts eligible students via email at the end of the junior year (usually early May), but some slip through the cracks. Please contact the Undergraduate Advisor if you feel you qualify and mention possible mentors if you are interested!

Study Abroad: If you are considering Study Abroad in your junior year, you may consider speaking with a faculty member in that area before you go about the possibility of various topics that you could research while you are abroad.

Archive of Senior Honors Theses

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