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New issue of Studies in Late Antiquity now available!

Studies in Late Antiquity is edited by Prof. Elizabeth DePalma Digeser of the UCSB History Department.  Check out the contents of the latest issue below.



The Chain of Hermes: Late Ancient Founders and Traditions
Elizabeth Depalma Digeser
Stud Late Antiq 2018; 2.2: 145-146 doi:10.1525/sla.2018.2.2.145


A Holy Heretical Body: Ṭalḥa b. ʿUbayd Allāh’s Corpse and Early Islamic Sectarianism
Adam Bursi
Stud Late Antiq 2018; 2.2: 147-179 doi:10.1525/sla.2018.2.2.147
The Polemic of Individualized Appellation in Late Antiquity: Creating Marcionism, Valentinianism, and Heresy
Paul Robertson
Stud Late Antiq 2018; 2.2: 180-214 doi:10.1525/sla.2018.2.2.180
Recycling the Glory of Byzantium: New Archaeological Evidence of Byzantine-Islamic Transition in Jerusalem
Yana Tchekhanovets
Stud Late Antiq 2018; 2.2: 215-237 doi:10.1525/sla.2018.2.2.215


Review: Divine Deliverance: Pain and Painlessness in Early Christian Martyr Texts, by L. Stephanie Cobb
Diane Shane Fruchtman
Stud Late Antiq 2018; 2.2: 238-241 doi:10.1525/sla.2018.2.2.238
Review: Empires and Bureaucracy in World History: From Late Antiquity to the Twentieth Century, edited by Peter Crooks and Timothy H. Parsons
Christopher Kelly
Stud Late Antiq 2018; 2.2: 242-249 doi:10.1525/sla.2018.2.2.242
Review: Constantine and the Captive Christians of Persia: Martyrdom and Religious Identity in Late Antiquity, by Kyle Smith
Peter Anthony Mena
Stud Late Antiq 2018; 2.2: 250-252 doi:10.1525/sla.2018.2.2.250
Review: Perpetua’s Journey: Faith, Gender, & Power in the Roman Empire, by Jennifer A. Rea and Liz Clarke
Kristi UpsonSaia
Stud Late Antiq 2018; 2.2: 252-255 doi:10.1525/sla.2018.2.2.252


Review: Colosseo, Un’icona and Colosseo, Un’icona, edited by Rosella Rea, Serena Romano, and Riccardo Santangeli Valenzani
Michelle L. Berenfeld
Stud Late Antiq 2018; 2.2: 256-261 doi:10.1525/sla.2018.2.2.256