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Prof. emeritus Frank Frost publishes new short story

“He Likes Cats,” about a homeless man in Santa Barbara, available on edhat.com

The community news aggregator has published Frank’s latest story “He Likes Cats.”

Edhat also has photos of Frank’s 2010 Thanksgiving in the Provence–he has to improvise for lack of whole turkeys.

See also Prof. Frost’s faculty webpage, and his 2001 book Subversives Stories at amazon.com, with the following blurb:

Ordinary people make extraordinary choices, with irreversible consequences: * An American in Provence decides to steal a neighbor’s olive tree * A henpecked senior citizen buys a share in a small-town Western whorehouse. * A traveling salesman has ‘just’ one martini before dinner in a roadside restaurant In ordinary life, ordinary people might get away with little indiscretions like these. Not in these surreal, existential stories. Frost, a master of black humor and haywire fiction, activates the domino effect of consequence: before morning breaks, that stunned traveling salesman will be paddled and probed by a perverse bombshell in kinky black lingerie.

Frank’s Jazz CDs can also be purchased on amazon.

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