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Prof. Barbieri-Low’s book wins its *fourth* prize

Barbieri-Low’s Artisans in Early Imperial China has won the AHA Breasted Prize, the College Art Association’s Morey Book Award, and two others.

We are pleased to announce that Tony Barbieri-Low‘s already celebrated Artisans in Early Imperial China (2007) has won another major award: The Joseph Levenson Prize for work on China pre-1900. The award, announced on March 26, is given to the English language book that makes the greatest contribution to increasing understanding of the history, culture, society, politics or economy of China. Works in all disciplines and all periods are eligible; two prizes are awarded annually, for pre- and post-1900. Special consideration is given to books that, through comparative insights or groundbreaking research, promote the relevance of scholarship on China to the wider world of intellectual discourse. The awards announced on March 27 are for works published in 2007, and selected and presented by the China and Inner Asia Council (CAIC) of the Association for Asian Studies (AAS).

Barbieri-Low’s book has already won the American Historical Association’s Henry James Breasted Prize (news item), and the College Art Association’s Charles Rufus Morey Book Award (news item).

Update August 2009: The International Institute for Asian Studies, which is run out of Leiden, awarded Prof. Barbieri Low’s book the International Conference of Asian Scholars book prize for “outstanding English-langauge works in the field of Asian history.”

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