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History Major FAQs

This page contains the answers to frequently asked questions surrounding the History B.A. major. For an in-depth guide to the major requirements and important policies, click HERE

Does history have a pre-major?

Nope! The history major does not have a pre-major, so you do not need to complete the lower division courses or earn a certain GPA before declaring. Once you declare the history major, you are fully in the major. 

Can my AP history classes cover some of my major requirements?

No. Unfortunately the AP history tests do not cover any history major or minor requirements. 

Do I need to take my lower division sequence courses in order?

No! When completing the HIST 2A/B/C, 4A/B/C, or 17A/B/C series for your lower division sequence requirement, the courses can be taken in any order. Please note that these courses are also not always offered in sequential order throughout the year, so refer to our course listings to plan out your schedule. 

I’ve taken HIST 4B and 4C, but I haven’t been able to take HIST 4A to complete my series because it hasn’t been offered. What do I do?

The History department does not currently offer HIST 4A. We accept HIST 2A as a substitute, so you can take that course instead.

Do I get priority registration for history classes because I am a declared history major?

The history department does not major restrict any of their classes, so being a declared major does not necessarily give you priority registration. The one exception to this is History 9, which is restricted to History and History of Public Policy and Law majors only during the first pass time. For more tips and reminders on registration, click HERE

Can my history courses simultaneously count towards units requirements and breadth requirements?

Yes! The breadth requirements for the major overlap with all of the unit requirements. So, for example, if you took history 2A, it would count towards the lower division sequence requirement, the pre-1800 breadth requirement, and the world history regional requirement. The same goes for upper division courses, and the research requirement. Here is a link to the history major requirements sheet for reference. 

Do I need to choose a region or time period of emphasis to focus on in the history major?

There are no formal emphases or concentrations for the History major. As long as you meet the pre-1800 and regional breadth requirements, any courses beyond that can be focused on whatever time periods or regions you find most interesting! 

I want to petition a course from outside of the history department to count towards my major requirements. What do I do?

Please visit our Undergraduate Petitions page for more information on this. 

I need to take an upper division research seminar to finish my major requirements. Can I take it over summer?

No, R courses are not offered over the summer, so they must be completed during the regular school year. 

I’m a double major with history. How many classes can I overlap between my majors?

Students are allowed up to 8 units of upper division courses to overlap between their two majors. Lower division courses have no overlap limits. Students who have a minor are allowed up to 5 units of upper division overlap between their major and minor. 

The major requirements have changed since I declared my major. Do I now have to follow the new requirements?

Nope! You’ll always follow the major requirements from the year you declared the major. Any changes made to the requirements after you declare will not apply to you. If you want to follow the new major requirements, please contact the history undergraduate advisor for help switching.