Personal Statement:

My current academic interests include medieval women and gender, relations between Northern France and the Mediterranean, medieval environmental history, devotional literature and the rise of print, and forms of vulnerability in pre-modern societies.  I have also become interested in permaculture agriculture as one way of mitigating climate change.

Advisor to:

Research and Teaching Interests:

Medieval women and gender, medieval towns, medieval poor, relations between western Europe and the east

Current Projects:


  • Parisian Consumers and Global Engagement with the Natural World, c. 1300
  • “The Life and Times of Jehanne la Fouaciere, Parisian Linen Merchant”
  • Gender and the Making of the Vegetable Gardens of Medieval Suburban Paris


Selected Publications:

Courses Taught:



Honors and Professional Activities:

Election to Society of Fellows, Medieval Academy of America, Spring, 2015

EURIAS Fellow, Institut d’études avancées-Paris, 2013-4

John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, 2007-8

National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship, 2005-6

Member, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, 1997-8

Former PhD Students


  • Sarah Hanson. PhD 2019.  Diss.: “The Boinebroke Women: Elite Urban Families and Economic Activities in Late Medieval Douai, c. 1285-1384”
  • Caitlin Koford. PhD 2019. Diss.: “Piety as a Call to Action: Christian Devotion Encouraged through Representations of the Adult Life of Christ”
  • Abigail Dowling. PhD 2014. Assistant Professor, Mercer University
    Diss.: “Landscape, Politics and Identify: Countess Mahant of Artois’ Natural Resource Management, ca. 1302-1329”
  • Jessica Elliott. PhD 2014.  Assistant Professor, Missouri State University, Springfield
    Diss.: “The Changing Status of Converted Jews in Thirteenth and Fourteenth-Century Northern France”
  • Katrin Sjursen. PhD 2010. Associate Professor Southern Illinois Univ. at Edwardsville
    Diss.: “Peaceweavers’ Sisters: Medieval Noblewomen as Military Leaders in Northern France, 1000-1337”
  • Nicole Archambeau. PhD 2009. Assistant Professor Colorado State University
    Diss.: “Healing Emotional Distress in a Time of Plague and War: Witnesses to the Canonization of Delphine of Puimichel”
  • Tanya Stabler. PhD 2007. Assistant Professor Loyola Univ., Chicago
    Diss.: “Now She is Martha, Now She is Mary: Beguine Communities in Medieval Paris, 1250-1470”; Monograph: The Beguines of Medieval Paris, Univ. of Penn. Press, 2014
  • Mark O’Tool. PhD 2007.
    Diss.: “Caring for the Blind in Medieval Paris: Life at the Quinze-Vingts, 1250-1430”
  • Nancy McLaughlin. PhD 2005. Associate Professor UC Irvine
    Diss: Universitas, Secular-Mendicant Conflict and the Construction of Learned Male Authority in the Thought of Jean Gerson, 1363-1429; Monograph: Jean Gerson and Gender
  • Andrew Miller. PhD 2003. Adjunct Professor, DePaul University
    Diss.: “Carpe Ecclesiam: Households, Identity and Violent Communication (‘Church’ and ‘Crown’ under King Edward I”; recent publication: Tails of Masculinity: Knights, Clerics and the Mutilation of Horses in Medieval England. Speculum 88.4 (October 2013)
  • Laura Wertheimer. PhD 2000. Associate Professor Cleveland State University
    Diss.: “The Ecclesiastical Construction of Illegitimacy in the Middle Ages”
  • Fiona Harris Stoertz. PhD 1999. Associate Professor Trent University
    Diss.: Adolescence in Medieval Culture: The High Medieval Transformation