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New Issue of Studies in Late Antiquity Available!

Studies in Late Antiquity is edited by Prof. Elizabeth DePalma Digeser of the UCSB History Department.  Check out the contents of the latest issue below.


Embodying the Past
Elizabeth Depalma Digeser
Stud Late Antiq 2019; 3.1: 1-3 doi:10.1525/sla.2019.3.1.1


Advancing Feminism Online: Online Tools, Visibility, and Women in Classics
Victoria Leonard and Sarah E. Bond
Stud Late Antiq 2019; 3.1: 4-16 doi:10.1525/sla.2019.3.1.4


Revolutionizing the Status Quo: Appeals to Pre-Islamic Christianity in the Writings of Anastasius of Sinai
Jessica Lee Ehinger
Stud Late Antiq 2019; 3.1: 17-35 doi:10.1525/sla.2019.3.1.17
Soundscapes of Salvation: Resounding Refrains in Jewish and Christian Liturgical Poems
Ophir Münz-Manor and Thomas Arentzen
Stud Late Antiq 2019; 3.1: 36-55 doi:10.1525/sla.2019.3.1.36
Suffering and Sacrifice: The Hermeneutics of Yisurin in the Babylonian Talmud
Sarah Wolf
Stud Late Antiq 2019; 3.1: 56-76 doi:10.1525/sla.2019.3.1.56
Italian Narratives of Oppositional Identity: Hagiography and Affect in Distancing the Late Antique and Medieval Saracen, and the Modern Migrant
Kalina Yamboliev
Stud Late Antiq 2019; 3.1: 77-113 doi:10.1525/sla.2019.3.1.77


Review: Sarmatians – History and Archaeology of a Forgotten People, by Istvánovits, Eszter, and Valéria Kulcsár
Craig H. Caldwell III
Stud Late Antiq 2019; 3.1: 114-116 doi:10.1525/sla.2019.3.1.114
Review: From Anti-Judaism to Anti-Semitism, Ancient and Medieval Christian Constructions of Jewish History, by Robert Chazan
Anthony Smart
Stud Late Antiq 2019; 3.1: 116-119 doi:10.1525/sla.2019.3.1.116


Review: “Crossroads. Travelling Through the Middle Ages, AD 300–1000,” Allard Pierson Museum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (September 15, 2017–February 11, 2018); “Byzantium and the Others in the First Millennium: An Empire of Stability in a Turbulent Era,” the Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens, Greece (May 18–October 10, 2018); “Europe on the Move: A Journey through the Early Middle Ages,” LVR-LandesMuseum, Bonn, Germany (November 15, 2018–May 12, 2019)
Elizabeth Marlowe
Stud Late Antiq 2019; 3.1: 120-124 doi:10.1525/sla.2019.3.1.120