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Prof. O’Connor appears in NPR programs about the history of poverty in the U.S.

Contributes to UCSB’s 2013-14 Critical Issues in America Series on “The Great Society at 50.”

Prof. Alice O’Connor, an expert on poverty and U.S. social policy, appeared on NPR’s Marketplace and All Things Considered in segments broadcast on Jan. 8:

Marketplace: “American presidents and the rhetoric of poverty.”

All Things Considered: “Five Decades Later, Time To Change The Way We Define Poverty?“. The story is part of a series of articles NPR is broadcasting that commemorate the 50th anniversary of President Johnson’s declaration of a “War on Poverty.”

Prof. O’Connor is the author of Poverty Knowledge: Social Science, Social Policy, and the Poor in Twentieth-Century U.S. History (Princeton, 2002). She is also a leading organizer of UCSB’s 2013-14 series on Critical Issues in America, which this year is focused on “The Great Society at 50.”

For more information, see Prof. O’Connor’s faculty webpage.

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