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Honors for Prof. Cline and Prof. Spickard

Prof. Spickard Wins American Studies Association Mentoring Award; Prof. Cline awarded LAIS Lifetime Achievement Award.

The American Studies Association selected Prof. Paul Spickard for the 2013 Richard A. Yarborough Mentoring Award. This national award, from the Minority Scholars� Committee of the American Studies Association, recognizes individuals who demonstrate dedication to and excellence in mentoring.

In its letter, the selection committee writes:

“We were impressed with the description of your prolific and innovative interdisciplinary scholarship in American studies. It is evident to the committee that you are a productive historian and sociologist who deeply values your commitment to mentoring a variety of constituencies, not only at your home institution, but across the profession.”

Prof. Cline with LAIS awardIn related news, Prof. Sarah Cline was awarded the first Latin American and Iberian Studies Lifetime Achievement Award.

Dr.Sarah Cline received the first Sarah Cline Lifetime Achievement Award (named after her) for her instrumental role in the foundation and continuation of the LAIS Program. She has served as its director twice since its creation (in the late 1980s, then again from 2003 to 2006) and has played a vital role in the lives of many LAIS students.

�I would like to thank my esteemed colleagues in LAIS for creating the award in my name. I would also like to say that over my decades at UCSB the LAIS program has been a source of pleasure in teaching students and for exchanges with my colleagues. I am deeply honored and touched by the award.�

Professor Cline embodies UCSB LAIS. She has been with us since the beginning, a two-time director, and a leader to our community in her service to our undergraduates — through her multiple LAIS and LAIS-related History courses, graduates — through her tireless commitment to numerous graduate students as faculty advisor, and to our faculty – through her recruitment of affiliates reflected in our impressive numbers today representing all major campus divisions and numerous departments. Her outstanding dedication to our program is irreplaceable, we are grateful for her contributions to making LAIS a vital part of the UCSB campus. We are proud to award her the first LAIS Sarah Cline Lifetime Achievement Award.

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