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Prof. Cecilia Mendez receives LAIS award

Prof. Mendez was the recent recipient of the 2010 LAIS Faculty Mentor Award, an award selected by LAIS graduates and undergraduates to recognize faculty who have displayed exemplary mentorship.

The award was presented at LAIS’s end of the year party by Jeremy Simer, an LAIS graduate student. Students said they selected Cecilia, who was “the toughest professor” they had ever come across, because she always pushed them to do more than they thought they were capable of doing. As one student wrote, Cecilia, “continually encourages her students to consider things from different perspectives” and another stated that she always “challenged your assumptions” and forced students to really think.

Prof. Mendez also wrote a commentary that appeared in Le Monde‘s Latin America edition. A big hand for Cecilia!

hm 6/18/10
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