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2008-09 Graduate Students: Meet the Entering Class

The History Department extends a warm welcome to its 25 newest members!

25 graduate students have joined our department in 2008-09.
Seated, from left to right: Scarlett Aldebot, Nicole Coggins, Tiffany DiMaggio, Joe Figiulo, Peggy Beedle.

Standing: Sunny Lim, Margaret Jesser, Henry Maar, Director of Graduate Studies Sharon Farmer, Jason Stohler, Jason Linn, Damian Nemirovsky, Dustin Walker, Greg Goalwin, Jackson Warkentin, Ryan Abrecht, Ryan Horne, Victor Schmagin and Graduate Program Assistant Darcy Ritzau.

Not pictured: Jill Dolan, Wendy Hurforf, Christian Kraiker, Eric Massie, Zamira Yusufjonova. [one more?] Additionally, two students were admitted to our joint Ph.D. program in Public History with CSU Sacramento.

Higher resolution photo of 2008-09 class.

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