My research and professional work is in public history and the history of public policy in the U.S. from the 1860s to 1920s.  I am working on a book on racial justice and law in New York City in the fifty years after the Civil War. For undergraduates: I teach courses for the History of Public Policy and Law major (History 7, 170A&B, 172A&B), teach undergraduate courses in Public History (192, 192R), and have taught in the World History series (2C) and American People series (17C). For graduates: I teach in the Graduate Program in Public History, cooperating with the faculty of California State University Sacramento in offering a joint PhD in the field. With students and colleagues, I am working on the “History and Relevancy” grant-supported public engagement project with the California State Parks and Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation.  For the journal THE PUBLIC HISTORIAN, published in partnership with The National Council for Public History,  I serve as a senior consulting editor, and encourage public historians with projects for publication to contact Editor Sarah Case (