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Topics in Twentieth-Century Europe/Advanced Historical Literature – Comparative


About the Course:

A hybrid undergraduate/graduate student seminar. 

HIST 123Q: Topics in twentieth-century European history. Format varies according to topic.

HIST 201C: A reading course in a field of the professor’s specialty. Introduces students to the sources and literature of the field in question. Written work as prescribed by the instructor.

Comparative Revolutions and Communism

This course will examine the history of revolutions and communism in comparative perspective, with a particular focus on the Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China.  Topics will include the influence and memory of the French revolution among 20th century revolutionaries; constitutional revolutions in Russia and China; the evolution of communist ideology; communist revolutions in Russia and China; cultural revolution and personality cults; peasants under communism; political terror; nations and nationalism under communism; and the interrelations of the world’s two largest communist states.


HIST 123Q: History 2C or 4C or 123B or 123C. 



View the course’s Canvas page or the instructor’s page for documents: Xiaowei Edgar   Xiaowei Zheng   

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