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From the Commercial Revolution to the Industrial Revolution: European Economic and Social History


About the Course:

In the three centuries between Columbus and the Industrial Revolution, economy and society in Europe changed fundamentally. The introduction of new products, such as potatoes, tobacco, coffee or maize, affected society as the import of silver increased international trade. The commercial revolution of the late Middle Ages had already opened up new trade routes and stimulated innovative business practices. The maritime expansion contributed to an accumulation of wealth, growth of the middle classes and a rise of entrepreneurship that fostered the Industrial Revolution. 

This upper division lecture course provides a survey of how the various European countries were affected and how the changes stimulated population movements, technological change, commercial and industrial organization. 

Listed on GOLD as  “Topics in Early Modern Europe” 


Hist 2B or Hist 4B or Hist 9 or upper-division standing. 


View the course’s Canvas page or the instructor’s page for documents: Michael North   

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