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Seminar in Modern European History


About the Course:

A research seminar in selected topics in the history of Europe, 1815 to the present.  

For W’22:
This is the first quarter of a 2-quarter sequence course (Winter-Spring), with the ultimate goal of producing an original research paper that can be submitted to a journal for publication, or which might be a dissertation chapter. Topics may be anything relating to Europe, broadly conceived, from the late 18th century to the present, including comparative projects (gender, public history, imperialism, etc.). In the first term we will focus on developing a detailed prospectus outlining a research question, with a review of secondary literature and catalog of archival sources. We will read exemplary articles, report on relevant scholarly journals, explore methodological approaches, and discuss working in archives, including organizing research materials. Advanced students may present work in progress. In the second term, while we are researching and writing, we will discuss each other’s drafts as we move toward our completed papers and prepare conference-style presentations. Students considering this seminar are encouraged to contact Prof. Marcuse as soon as possible, so we can tailor the readings to participant interests.


A two-quarter in-progress sequence course with grades for both quarters issued upon completion of History 223B. 


View the course’s Canvas page or the instructor’s page for documents: Harold Marcuse   

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