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Advanced Historical Literature


About the Course:

A reading course in a field of the professor’s specialty. Introduces the student to the sources and literature of the field in question. Written work as prescribed by the instructor. AM. America.

This graduate reading seminar will address the history and historiography of slavery in the Americas. We will consider the classics that helped define the field, works that have sparked controversy, and some of the most recent offerings in the history of slavery. Though primarily focused on the institution of slavery that developed in the British colonies and later in the United States, we will approach slavery comparatively. We will also examine the institution from variety of perspectives, including the law(s) of slavery, slavery as an economic practice and system of labor, slavery as a cultural, social, and gendered experience, and the politics of slavery. Reading widely and considering slavery from many vantages will help us understand it as a multifaceted phenomenon that shaped the development of the Atlantic World, British North America, and ultimately, the United States.


No pre-requisites have been entered for this course.


View the course’s Canvas page or the instructor’s page for documents: Giuliana Perrone   

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