History Associates Talk | States of Dis/armament | Mhoze Chikowero

States of Dis/armament: Reading Statemaking in Africa’s Recent History When: WEDNESDAY, NOV 9, 2022 at 4:00 PM Where: Miller McCune Conference Room, HSSB, UC Santa Barbara Free and open to the public. Please RSVP to historyassociates@ia.ucsb.edu History Associates Members can request a complimentary parking permit for this event! What is a state? What is statemaking? What is disarmament–and rearmament? A scholar […]

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History Associates: “Prioritizing the Preservation of Black Legacies in Santa Barbara”

This presentation will walk through Santa Barbara’s recently completed African American Historic Context Statement on how the built history of a community plays a role in helping uplift African-American and Black people today. This is a unique collaboration of social justice leaders and historic preservation specialists in Santa Barbara who worked to compile Santa Barbara’s Black history—one overlooked for decades. […]

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2022 Van Gelderen Lecture | Nicole de Silva: Consumer Diplomats U.S. Women Work for Peace Through the Pocketbook, 1919-1939

Flyer for "The 2022 Van Gelderan Lecture, Consumer Diplomats: US Women Work for Peace Through the Pocketbook, 1919-1939" with Nicole de Silva on May 3, 2022 at 5PM in 4020 HSSB

This talk sponsored by History Associates. follows U.S. women and their allies around the globe who worked to organize household consumers into movements that they believed could improve chances for international peace and security. These “consumer diplomats” used their buying practices to portray themselves as world citizens capable of both influencing and upholding a conception of global community.   This […]

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History Associates Talk and Performance: Mhoze Chikowero and Dr. Tanyaradzwa Tawengwa on Musics of State-making in Zimbabwe

History Associates presents, in collaboration with UCSB Multicultural Center, a special online performance from opera-singer and scholar, Tanyaradzwa Tawengwa. Tawengwa is a close collaborator of UCSB Associate Professor of History, Mhoze Chikowero, who will be moderating the post performance Q&A. Tawengwa and Chikowero worked together to adapt her senior thesis from Princeton, “Dawn of the Rooster,” into an abridged one-hour performance which […]

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History Associates: “Wonders of Medieval Rome” Talk by Carol Lansing

Recent research, discoveries and restorations are dramatically changing how scholars view medieval Rome. The city was hardly the artistic and cultural backwater we had imagined: instead, as Julian Gardner writes, it was a crucible for the arts.  This talk will set out some of those finds.  The Aula Gotica frescoes are just one fascinating example. In the 1240s a cardinal constructed […]

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History Associates: Patrick McCray, “Making Art Work: Artists and Engineers in the Age of Apollo”

6 adults in front of a system of light bulbs

Join the History Associates this Sunday for an engaging presentation from UCSB History Professor Patrick McCray. Artwork as opposed to experiment? Engineer versus artist? We often see two different cultural realms separated by impervious walls. But some fifty years ago, the borders between technology and art began to be breached. In this talk UCSB history professor (and former engineer) W. […]

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History Associates: Luke Roberts, “A Samurai Wife Divorces her Lout of a Husband”

Luke Roberts on a bicycle in front of a field and a building

Join the History Associates for an engaging presentation from UCSB History Professor Luke Roberts on a specific case that influenced gender roles in 19th-century Japan. Zoom link: ucsb.zoom.us/j/6855143149 Mori Nao, a young samurai wife in Japan, desired a divorce from her abusive husband in 1824. Legally a man could divorce his wife but a wife could not divorce her husband. […]

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8th Annual Van Gelderen Lecture: Sasha Coles, “The Great Silk Experiment: Silkworms, Mulberry Trees, and Women Workers in Mormon Country, 1850s-1910s”

A black-and-white image of a group of women gathered around a pile of foliage.

UCSB History Associates presents the eighth annual Van Gelderen Graduate Student Lecture, this year given by Dr. Sasha Coles. From the 1850s to the early 1900s, Latter-Day Saint (or Mormon) women in both rural and urban Great Basin settlements planted mulberry trees, raised silkworms, and attempted to produce silk cocoons, thread, and cloth of a high-enough quality to use and […]

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Van Gelderen Graduate Student Lecture: Sergey Saluschev, “Reluctant Abolitionists: Slavery, the Slave Trade and Abolition in the 19th-Century Caucasus”

Flyer for Zoom talk "Reluctant Abolitionists: Slavery, the Slave Trade and Abolition in the 19th-Century Caucasus on 6/27/20 at 4PM

History Associates presents the seventh annual Van Gelderen Graduate Student Lecture, this year given by Sergey Saluschev. He will present on his dissertation topic, “Reluctant Abolitionists: Slavery, the Slave Trade and Abolition in the 19th-Century Caucasus.” This talk will focus on the slave trade in the Russian-ruled Caucasus between 1801 and 1917 and draws upon such primary sources as letters, […]

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