Mia Dragnic and Pierina Ferretti: “An Expansive Rebellion: Feminism and Social Revolt in Chile”

UCSB and UCSD have joined together to welcome Pierina Ferretti and Mia Dragnic García, sociologists and doctoral candidates in Latin American Studies at the University of Chile. In October 2019, Chile experienced its largest social revolt since the return to democracy in 1990. The mobilization, which began as a spontaneous reaction to protest against a 0.30 USD rise in the […]

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Panel Discussion, “Impeachment in Historical Perspective”

On Tuesday, February 11, from 4 to 5:30 pm in HSSB 6020 (McCune Center), the Center for Cold War Studies and International History and the Walter H. Capps Center will host a panel discussion titled, “Impeachment in Historical Perspective.” Three UCSB historians will speak on the following topics: Giuliana Perrone on the Impeachment and Senate Trial of Andrew Johnson Laura Kalman on Richard Nixon’s Watergate Scandal and […]

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Steve Zipperstein, “The Impeachment Wars: What Lies Ahead”

flyer for Steve Zipperstein, "The Impeachment Wars: What Lies Ahead"

The Trump impeachment saga has gained startling momentum in recent days. As the proceedings accelerate, fascinating legal and policy questions arise. Can the president pardon people who have committed crimes at his behest? Can he pardon himself? Does impeachment require proof of a federal crime? Is the Senate required to hold an actual trial? Can nonfederal legal authorities—like the New York State Attorney General […]

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