International Webinar on Global Capitalism, Colonial Politics and Publicity: The Past and Present of Tea in South Asia

Flyer for Global Capitalism Tea Webinar

Please join us for an interdisciplinary webinar on the past and present of tea in South Asia. The history of tea is both fascinating yet one fraught with tensions inherent in the history of global capitalism. The attraction of a cup of tea seeped only gradually into the lives of the common people and involved much effort and investment on […]

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History Associates: Luke Roberts, “A Samurai Wife Divorces her Lout of a Husband”

Luke Roberts on a bicycle in front of a field and a building

Join the History Associates for an engaging presentation from UCSB History Professor Luke Roberts on a specific case that influenced gender roles in 19th-century Japan. Zoom link: Mori Nao, a young samurai wife in Japan, desired a divorce from her abusive husband in 1824. Legally a man could divorce his wife but a wife could not divorce her husband. […]

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IHC Talk: Utathya Chattopadhyaya, “Cannabis and South Asia”

Flyer for Cannabis and South Asia by Utathya Chattopadhyaya on 3/9/21 from 4-6PM

The IHC‘s Asian/American Studies Collective welcomes UCSB History professor Utathya Chattopadhyaya for a talk on the role of cannabis in South Asian experiences of empire. Historical scholarship now conceives empire as a webbed uneven field of power relations and a multispecies enterprise. In other words, the anxious and breathless struggle of European imperialism to sustain itself subjected human, plant, animal, and […]

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Adrienne Edgar, “Mixed Children in Soviet Central Asia: Dilemmas of Identity and Belonging”

Flyer for Zoom talk for Identity Politics Workshop: "Mixed Children in Soviet Central Asia: Dilemmas of Identity and Belonging" on 2/25/21 from 12:30 to 2PM

The UCSB Department of Political Science‘s Identity Politics Group invites you to join them at a Workshop in which Professor Adrienne Edgar (History, UCSB) will present a chapter from her forthcoming book, Intimate Internationalism: Mixed Marriage in Soviet Central Asia. The chapter to be discussed is “Mixed Children in Soviet Central Asia: Dilemmas of Identity and Belonging.” Professor Paul Spickard […]

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