UCSB Africa Center Inaugural Lecture: Dr. Zoé Samudzi’s “Rewriting the Concentration Camp”

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The UCSB Africa Center cordially invites you to a special guest lecture on June 4 by Dr. Zoé Samudzi on indigenous demands for restitution, long-contested histories of colonial dispossession and property ownership in the aftermath of the German genocide of the Herero and Nama peoples in Namibia. Her talk will interrogate the trajectories of colonial ideology and practice from […]


Book Launch: Stephan Miescher, A Dam for Africa

HSSB 1174 1174 Humanities and Social Sciences Building, UC Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA, United States

In A Dam for Africa historian Stephan Miescher explores four intersecting narratives that weave together around Akosombo: Ghanaian aspirations about building a hydroelectric dam in the context of decolonization and Cold War; international efforts of the US aluminum industry in benefiting from Akosombo through subsidizing the VALCO aluminum smelter; local stories of upheaval and devastation […]