Talk by Sigrid Schmalzer, University of Massacusetts, Amherst: “The Layered Landscapes of Hebei and Guangxi: Mao-era History and the COnstruction of China’s Agricultural Heritage”

SS&MS 2135

Chinese scientists, scholars, and state officials are actively engaged in a transnational movement to preserve "agricultural heritage." But what is agricultural heritage and how does it relate to a "people's history" of agriculture? This talk will focus on two sites where the PRC state is actively seeking to promote and preserve agricultural heritage. Both sites […]

Barbara Walker, “Fathers and Sons and the Origins of Cold War ‘Area Studies’ in the United States”

HSSB 4080 4080 Humanities and Social Sciences Building, UC Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA, United States

Barbara Walker is Professor of Russian history at the University of Nevada, Reno. She has published on a broad range of historical topics in the area of Russian and Soviet intellectual life and its economic foundations, social organization and culture. More recently, she has branched out to explore the nature of expertise, specifically “information expertise,” […]