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Film Screening at Pollock Theater: RBG

Pollock Theater

Screening of the film RBG at the Pollock Theater. At the age of 85, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has developed a lengthy legal legacy while becoming an unexpected pop culture icon. But the unique personal journey of her rise to the nation’s highest court has been largely unknown, even to some of her […]

Talk by Professor Bonnie Honig, Brown University: “Postures of Refusal”

HSSB 6020 (McCune Room) University of California Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA, United States

Postures of Refusal: From Antigone to Kaepernick How do the postures of our bodies communicate citizens' dissidence or conformity, non-compliance or care? When Kaepernick kneels, Black Lives Matter lie down in the streets, soldiers stand at attention, and we all speak of moral fortitude as having a spine or showing spine, are these mere dramatizations […]