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History Minor FAQs

This page contains the answers to frequently asked questions surrounding the History B.A. major. For an in-depth guide to the major requirements and important policies, click HERE

Should I declare the minor now, or should I wait until I’ve finished taking all the necessary courses? 

The history department highly recommends you declare the minor as early on as possible. If you try to complete all the courses without consulting with an advisor, you may overlook important policies or procedures, and miss the opportunity to graduate with the minor. For information on how to declare a history minor, click HERE.

For the lower division minor, do I need to take a full A/B/C sequence? 

No! Any three lower division history courses (12 units) will fulfill the lower division minor.

Can my AP history classes cover some of my minor requirements?

No. Unfortunately the AP history tests do not cover any history major or minor requirements. 

I took history courses at a previous institution, can they count towards my minor?

If you took history courses at a community college or another four year institution, they may be applicable to the history minor requirements. If your courses were taken at a California Community College and already have an established equivalency on assist.org, then they will count towards the history minor. If your courses are from a four year school or an out-of-state institution, please submit the syllabus through our online petition form to be reviewed for credit. Please note that at least 12 of your upper division minor units must be taken in-residence at UCSB. 

Is it required that I take an upper division research seminar to complete the minor?

No! You do not need to take a research seminar to complete the minor requirements. Just 20 upper division units of history courses. 

I took a history course before I ever planned to add the history minor, but I took it as P/NP grading. Can it still count towards the history minor?

Using P/NP courses towards the history minor is typically not permitted except in special circumstances. If you are in this situation, please contact the history department advisor. 

How many classes can I have overlap between my major and minor?

With lower division courses, there is no limit to the amount of overlap allowed. In the upper division, only 5 units of overlap is allowed between your major and minor.