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Funding Support


Incoming Students

Funding for incoming students is awarded by the department’s Graduate Admissions Committee on a competitive basis.  Fellowship offers vary in length, ranging from two to five years and up to six years in the case of Graduate Division-awarded fellowship packages, and consist of varying combinations of stipend, teaching assistant and/or readership appointments, fee coverage, and supplemental summer support.

Continuing Students

Funding for continuing students is awarded by the department’s Financial Aid Committee on a competitive basis and takes the form of Graduate Division-awarded year- or quarter-long dissertation or research fellowships (via department nomination), quarter-long dissertation research fellowships, and year-long TA and/or readership appointments.

The department issues a call for applications in January each year, and sends out notice of awards as early as possible in Spring quarter for the following year.  The precise timing of application deadlines and award notifications is contingent on the annual Graduate Division continuing student fellowship award process.

Continuing students are also eligible to apply for a limited number of travel awards for research or presentations at scholarly conferences.

Further information about eligibility for these and other department awards can be found in the department’s Graduate Handbook For 2023-24.

Thanks to the generosity of our History Associates, the department is able to supplement funding available from university sources with competitively awarded research and travel grants.  These awards require faculty nomination and are made by a committee appointed by the History Associates in May of each year.

Continuing Student Support: Central Fellowships, Department  Dissertation Fellowships, Department TA positions

Student Submission:   January 10, 2024

Submit Fellowship Application Here: https://forms.gle/WvTHsUNeRWta1ZVV9

Submit 2024-25 Alternate TA List Application Here: https://forms.gle/rwXq41haPbx18N5q9

Faculty  Recommendation: January 17, 2024

Travel Grants, Conference Grants, Summer TAship

Student Deadline:  April 3, 2024

Faculty Recommendation:  April 10, 2024

Submit Research Travel Grant Application Here: https://forms.gle/rJMLXaDmj3rwbJzT8

Submit Conference Travel Grant Application Here: https://forms.gle/466zanAyqtKb97tk8

Submit Summer Session TAship Application Here: https://forms.gle/qiDAEf1A2xzghVCt8

2023-24 Awards and Prizes

Student Deadline: April 16, 2024

Faculty Deadline: April 19, 2024

Student Self Nomination for Paper Prize: https://forms.gle/fyzgLoBuzGHoP7o37

Student Self Nomination for Fellowship and Financial Aid: https://forms.gle/fyzgLoBuzGHoP7o37

Faculty Nomination: https://forms.gle/ocso9xEpx7B47tCb6

Faculty Letter of Recommendation for Student Self-Nomination Upload: https://forms.gle/GSKQZik6xHoSvHwf9

Types of Funding

The following are brief descriptions of merit-based awards and general financial support.

1. Graduate Division (Central) Fellowships

Each year, generally early in winter quarter, the Graduate Division issues a call to departments for nominations for a limited number of centrally-awarded fellowships for continuing students.  These awards are made by department nomination, and provide support for dissertation-level research (year and quarter-long), and in some instances for students at an earlier stage of training.

2. Department Fellowships

Department-awarded fellowships for incoming students are generally $24,000 in annual stipend, and cover fees and health insurance.  Quarter-long dissertation fellowships for continuing students provide $8,000 in stipend and cover fees and health insurance.

3. Teaching Assistantships

Teaching assistantships provide salary, fee coverage, and health insurance and are awarded on a year-long or quarterly basis.  Salary levels are determined by the UAW-negotiated contract.  For 2023-24, the negotiated salary for a .50%, nine-month (F,W,S quarter) appointment.

4. Research Assistantships and Readerships:

A research assistant assists a professor in doing academic research, library work, bibliographic work, etc. A reader assists a professor with large class rosters in grading papers. Faculty needing research assistants usually recruit them from graduate students in their field or by sending an email to the graduate student e-mail list.

Outside Funding Sources:

A number of campus-, university-, and outside fellowship opportunities are available to history graduate students at varying stages of training.  A list of these sources is available here.


Contact our Graduate Program Assistants for additional resources and information: