Personal Statement:

Broadly, my research interests revolve around all things related to the Black diaspora of the world. More specifically, my current research is looking at the role of music during decolonization efforts in Eritrea. I am interested in exploring what the music and arts can teach us about overlapping colonial projects and decolonial possibilities in 20th century Eritrea, and the ways in which have music, gender, education, and diaspora shaped the Eritrean struggle for liberation and nation building. 


Dissertation Title:

“Sounds of Revolution: Music, Education, and Diaspora in Twentieth Century Eritrea”

Selected Publications:

  • Review of The Revolution Has Come, by Robyn C. Spencer, Spectrum: A Journal on Black Men, vol. 6 (Fall 2017): 129-132.
  • Review of Where War Was, by Charles Cantalupo, Research in African Literatures. Forthcoming winter 2018.

Courses Taught:

Spring 2019 – Modern Europe

Fall 2019 – Survey of South Asian History

  • Guest Lecture: Afro-Asian Politics and Decolonization: An Ongoing Process”

Winter 2020 – African History to 1800

Spring 2020 – African History 1800 to 1945

  • Guest Lecture: “CONservation and Neocolonialism”

Fall 2020 – The American People 1345 to 1840

Winter 2021 – African History 1800 to 1945

  • Guest Lecture: “The Second Italo-Ethiopian War, 1935-36: A Local and Global Anti-Colonial Battle

Spring 2021 – World History 1700 to Present

Fall 2021 – African History to 1800

Winter 2022 – Gender and Power: Introduction to Feminist Studies

Spring 2022 – Women of Color: Race, Class, and Ethnicity

  • Guest Lecture: “Oral History: An Activist Methodology”

Awards & Professional Activities:

(2022) Graduate Opportunity Fellowship, UC Santa Barbara

(2022) Kenneth Mouré and Sara Norquay Graduate Study Award in the Department of History, UC Santa Barbara

(2022) Social Science Research Council International Dissertation Research Fellowship Finalist

(2021) African Studies Center Summer Fellowship, UC Santa Barbara 

(2021) Department of History Research Travel Grant, UC Santa Barbara

(2020) Foundation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme Project Grant

(2020) Graduate Mentorship Award, UC Santa Barbara 

(2020) History Associates Graduate Fellowship Award

(2019) Eritrean Diaspora Network Scholarship 

(2018) Department of History Fellowship Award, UC Santa Barbara