Personal Statement:

My dissertation in progress, From Homemakers to Peacemakers, explores the way American women mobilized their economic and social identities as household consumers to build and participate in international movements in the years between the World Wars. Home economists, domestic scientists, consumer co-operators, and others who laid claim to identities as “expert consumers” built global networks, using their knowledge about nutrition and human need to contribute to conversations around international peace, trade, and security. This work has been funded by the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations (SHAFR), the Borchard Foundation, UCSB Graduate Division, and UCSB History Associates. 

Also passionate about public history, I co-authored a project with John Majewski that uses a series of “letters,” written in the guise of historical figures, to consider the choices that Lin-Manuel Miranda made in the creation and presentation of the popular contemporary musical, Hamilton. This work has been presented in multiple venues around Santa Barbara, including at the Back 2 UCSB Program held at the Santa Barbara Public Library and through UCSB’s public-facing Faculty Lecture program.

Selected Publications:

Articles and Book Chapters:

“Governance, Regulation, and the State,” in A Cultural History of Shopping in the Age of Revolution and Empire, edited by Erika Rappaport. London, UK: Bloomsbury Press, 2021. [Forthcoming].

“Alice Fong Yu and the Transpacific Boycott of Japanese Silk Stockings, 1931-1941,” Journal of Women’s History 31 no. 4 (Winter 2019): 37-62. [Winner of Steve O. Collins Prize] 


“America Dreaming,” Review of Behold America: A History of America First and the American Dream, by Sarah Churchwell. Dublin Review of Books 118 (February 2020).


Courses Taught:

As a Teaching Associate: 

HIST 175B, American Twentieth Century Cultural History (Upcoming, Summer 2021)

As a Teaching Assistant: 

HIST 2C, World History 1700-Present (Summer 2020)

HIST7, History of Public Policy (Spring 2018)

HIST 17A, The American People, 1492-1820 (Fall 2016)

HIST 17B, The American People, 1820-1914 (Winters 2017, 2018, 2019)

HIST 17C, The American People, 1914-Present (Spring 2017 and Fall 2017)

Awards & Professional Activities:

Myrna Bernath Fellowship (2021, Society for Historians of Foreign Relations, SHAFR)

Borchard Foundation Fellowship in European Studies (2020, Borchard Foundation) 

Graduate Humanities Research Fellowship (2020-2021, UC Santa Barbara Graduate Division) 

Rick K. Mayberry Award (2020, UCSB History Department) 

Steve O. Collins Award (2020, UCSB History Associates)

Frank and Amanda Frost Clark Prize (2019, UC Santa Barbara History Associates)

Robert L. Kelley Fellowship (2018, UC Santa Barbara History Associates)

J. Bruce Anderson Award for excellence in graduate teaching assistantship (2017, UC Santa Barbara History Department)

Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity (2015, UC Riverside Academic Senate)

History Scholarship and Community Service Award (2015, UC Riverside History Department)

Peter Schneider Award in American History (2015 and 2014, UC Riverside History Department)

Selected Conference Presentations: 

“Adventuring in Peace and Goodwill:” Race and Internationalism in Liberal Protestant Peace Education Programs, 1922-1929,” Society for Historians of American of Foreign Relations (SHAFR), June 2021. [Paper accepted]

“The Social and Economic Thought of the International Co-operative Women’s Guild, 1921-1929,” Business History Conference (BHC), Online, March 11, 2021. [Paper accepted]

“Engendering the Co-Operative Commonwealth: The International Co-Operative Women’s Guild’s Visions of Peace Through Commerce, 1921-1939,” Council for European Studies (CES), Online, June 20-22, 2020.

“Women’s Garment Boycotts to Uphold International Law, 1932-1939,” SHAFR, Arlington, VA, June 21, 2019.

“Guardians of the American Pocketbook: American Women’s Organizations and International Trade, 1922-1930,” WAWH, UC Davis, April 27, 2019.

“A Great Mission at a Critical Time”: Mary Emma Woolley and the Politics of Articulating a ‘Women’s Voice’ in the US Interwar Peace Movement,” Western Association of Women Historians, 50th Annual Meeting, 2018.

“‘More than It Seams’: Transpacific Consumer Politics, Chinese-American Womanhood, and the Japanese Silk-Stocking Boycott of 1937-1941,” Western Association of Women Historians, 49th Annual Meeting, 2017.