Personal Statement:

My dissertation focuses on the historical geography of Caesarea Maritima and Eusebius of Caesarea’s manipulation of geography in his description of Christian and Roman networks. By mapping and analyzing portions of Eusebius’ Ecclesiastical History, I trace and compare pan-Mediterranean networks in order to show Eusebius’ particular, and at some times peculiar, interest in Eastern Mediterranean perspectives.

Dissertation Title:

Caesarea Maritima and the Ecclesiastical History: Reading Eusebius in Geographical Context

Courses Taught:

TA: History of the United States (WWI-Present)

TA: Global World History (Prehistory- 1000 CE)

TA: Western Civilization (1715-Present)

Instructor of Record: Western Civilization (Prehistory-1600 CE), World History (Prehistory-1500 CE), World History (1500-Present)

Awards & Professional Activities:


2021- Dick Cook Memorial Fellowship for Outstanding Service

2020- Esmé Frost Fellowship

2020- Department of History, Late Antiquity Fellowship

2019 — North American Patristics Society Dissertation Research Grant

2019 — History Department Fellowship

2018 — History Dissertation Fellowship

2018 — History Associates Conference Grant

2018 — Drake Fund Conference Grant

2018 — Department of Classics Conference Grant

2018 — History Department Conference Grant

2018 — History of Art and Architecture Conference Grant

2018 — Anthropology Conference Grant

2018 — Diversity Funds Conference Grant

2018 — Graduate Student Association Conference Grant

2017 — Department of History, Late Antiquity Fellowship

2017 — UCSB History Associates, Harold and Kathleen Drake Award

2017 — UCSB History Associates Fellowship

2017 — Department of History, Dumas Fellowship

2016 — Department of History, Late Antiquity Fellowship

2016 — Catholic Studies Conference Grant

2016 — Department of History Conference Grant

2016 — Graduate Division’s Graduate Student Academic Advancement Grant

2016 — California Consortium for Late Antiquity Conference Grant

2013 — History Department Fellowship

Professional Affiliations

Phi Beta Kappa

Phi Alpha Theta

Theta Alpha Kappa

North American Patristic Society