I specialize in Colonial North American history, with emphasis on gender, colonization and the lives of Native Americans in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century New England. Throughout my career I have been devoted to creating learning communities, whether in my initial work in museums, or in my work at the university level with undergraduate and graduate education. My museums background gave me an abiding interest in material culture studies, memory studies and the work of public historians more generally, and I encourage students to do internships in a variety of public history settings. I try to read broadly, across disciplines, with a particular attention to the history of religion and the history of the emotions.

Colonial North America; New England Colonialism; Native North America; History of Marriage; Gender History; History of the Emotions; History of Dreams and Visioning; Public History and Historical Memory;

History 9–Historical Investigations: Methods and Skills—(Cultures, Emotions, and Writing the History of the Body in early North America)

History 161A–Colonial North America

History 161B–Revolutionary North America

History 161NE–New England Cultural History, 1450-1850

History 161R–Undergraduate research seminar in Colonial North America

History 179A–Native American History to 1838

History 192–Introduction to Public History

History 201AM–Readings in North American Colonial History

History 292A–Foundations of US History to 1846

History 295PH–Colloquium in Public History