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Art and Culture in Latin America’s Cold War


About the Course:

This is a special topics course. The detailed course description will not appear in GOLD.

This course sets out to de-center Hollywood and DC -based narratives by exploring how Latin American artists, militants, intellectuals have utilized the film medium to directly comment on their social realities in the Cold War era. Students should not only become familiar with the films themselves but should also gain understanding of their place in the continent’s history. These films not only serve as didactic devices, entertainment, and agit-prop, but also historical documents that offer insight into both hegemonic and counter-hegemonic thinking during the time of their release. Through film, we explore the themes of imperialism, urbanization, spatial exclusion, poverty, race, gender, labor, state terror, revolution, and neoliberalism. We will combine the films with other forms of knowledge production from the region, such as art and literature.


No pre-requisites have been entered for this course.


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