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Associate Professor (Ph.D., Univ. of Michigan, 1992)
Fields: Modern German History & Public History

Department of History, University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9410
Tel: no office phone; Fax (805) 893-7671

email: marcuse@history.ucsb.edu

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News (last updated Feb. 23, 2015)
(see also page with archived old news; visitor statistics & guestbook at bottom)

  • Feb. 23, 2015: New York Times staff reporter Eric Lichtblau has been promoting his 2014 book Nazis as Neighbors on a book tour and in interviews, and in the Times itself with a number of distortions, exaggerations and flat-out lies about the conditions in which Jewish DPs lived in the years after liberation in spring 1945. The Times did not print my or other corrections to the article, so I turned to the scholars' network H-German, which inaugurated a blog with our comments. It took a good bit of time to set up, and the list editor posted my submission, so it may not be clear from whom the first posts were (me and Atina Grossmann). I also tweeted about it today.
  • Jan. 5, 2015: My Winter 2015 Office Hours are Mondays & Wednesdays, 2-3pm.
  • Jan. 5, 2015: I think I've been "had" by these "translations." I received a few more of them, looking more and more questionable, and a French professor at the University of Nancy alerted me to the fact that when one searches the names of these "translators" one finds a number of texts that were translated with google translate and posted on their blogs, which are hosted by Dutch, French and German auto-parts discounters. I presume this activity serves to boost the google page rank of those sites, which are probably branches of the same conglomerate. Anyone can generate translations like these.
    • Valeria Aleksandrova at <http://www.pkwteile.de/wissen/zapisy-z-dachau-wygrywa-nagroda-ksiazkowa>
      Natalie Harmann <http://www.besteonderdelen.nl/blog/?p=4801>
      Vicky Rotarova <http://www.piecesdiscount24.fr/edu/?p=6606>
    • August/October 2014: Natalie Harmann has published translations of two of my articles into French:
  • May 2, 2014: UCSB Press Office just published an interview with me in a series on Holocaust remembrance: Andrea Estrada, "'A Brutal Life That Lasted Years and Years' UCSB historian Harold Marcuse looks at how remembrance changes over time."
  • 2014-2015 teaching schedule (last updated 6/22/14)
    • Fall 2014:
      Hist 2C: World History, 1700-present, TR 2-3:15pm (prof's website)
      Hist 2CH: Honors Section for 2C, taught by prof, W 3-3:50pm
                      Interested students should email me for an enroll code.
      Hist 500: For TAs of Hist 2c only
      Hist 194AH: History Senior Honors Thesis Seminar, M11-1 (1997-98 syllabus from when I previously taught this course; bibliography of UCSB theses 1981-97)
    • Winter 2015: Hist 194BH: History Senior Honors Thesis Seminar, M 11-2pm
      Hist 133D: The Holocaust and Other Genocides (website with previous course materials)
    • Spring 2015: no courses
    • Fall 2015: Graduate seminar on "Digital History"
      Hist 133A: Germany 1800-1914

Research Projects (see also Projects Index page) (back to top)

Research Narrative (back to top)

Spitzweg's "Scholar" , 1865
Carl Spitzweg, "Scholar," 1865

I would call the kind of history I do "reception history" (definition and quotations about it).
In April 2003 the UCLA Daily Bruin did a story on UC professors conducting research on Holocaust-related topics. It contains a short summary about my research. (Also syndicated nationally in PBS's Washington Week [2/2013: from web archive].)

  • Holocaust education in Germany, and the United StatesUses and effectiveness of technology in history educationHolocaust museums, memorials, and memorial sites Popular conceptions of the Nazi era in Germany, 1933-present New social movements in West Germany (esp. 1950s and 1960s) Oppositional movements in East Germany Dealing with the legacy of Stalinism in former East Germany (e.g. Abwicklung, Stasi, continuity of elites)
  • The role of formative historical experiences in creating "age cohorts" with commonalities of outlook

Selected publications (back to top)
(for a fuller listing with links to texts see my publications page)
Steine des Anstosses, cover 1985 exhibition about post-1945 monuments and memorials (German)
full illustrated version
Dachauer Hefte, volume 6 1990 history of Dachau, 1945-68
(in German)
draft w/o notes
Lessons and Legacies, volume 3 cover 1999 essay about aesthetics of Holo. memorials
draft w/o notes
Thumbnail of Legacies of Dachau: The Uses and Abuses of a Concentration Camp, 1933-2001 2001 monograph about Dachau, 1890-present
var. materials
Dachauer Hefte issue 19, cover 2003 essay about forgotten mass grave, 1949
text with notes
1968: The World Transformed 1998 essay about Holo in US, Germ., Isr.
text w/o notes

Courses (links go directly to course websites or syllabi; bold links are current courses) (back to top)

Lower Division

Upper Division

Honors & Graduate

Freshman Seminars

Survey Courses

German History

Holocaust History

(Reading, Research)

194h: Senior Honors Seminar;
199ra: Oral History Project

(genocides in hist, lit, film)
(4 hrs/wk)

(1 hr/wk)
Spr. 2009:
Hitler & Nazism,

World History

(Fall 2009)

(Hist 500)

Western Civ

(final time in 2000)


(Fall 2006)

(Winter 2009)

(Spring 2007)


(no prereq.s)
(Fall 2005)


(Winter 2010)


(Winter 2010)


(Spring 2009)

CompLit 184ee
(genocides in hist, lit, art)

200e: Readings in German History, 1800-present

201e: Readings on special topics (Germany, memory)
(Winter 2007)

233ab [or 217bc]: 20 week graduate research seminar
(next offering 2011?)

See also the UCSB General Catalog listing of history courses; currently scheduled history courses.
With some reservations I offer a link to the Prof. Marcuse page at RateMyProfessors.com.

Personal background (back to top)

  • my CV is the standard roadmap of my academic life.
  • I put together a page of notes about myself that conference panel chairs can use to introduce me before public presentation. (updated 6/09)
  • in Jan. 2005 I made a "personal page" at www.marcuse.org

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