UCSB Hist 133C, L 25:
The Decision to Unify
by Prof. Marcuse, March 5, 2004

Why were East and West Germany combined?

Video (1990), 5 mins.: Germany from Partition to Unity

Transition of Goals

Oct. 6: reform demands in Leipzig
Nov. 4: "Against monopoly socialism -- for democratic socialism"
Dec. 11: "No more experiments: Unification Now!"

"Causes" of Revolution

Question 9

a. (In Borneman essay): What was Regine (the "good socialist" who had been interrogated by the Stasi) afraid of? (in general, or specific incident)
[or: What was Hildegard and Bert's friend accused of?]
b. Fulbrook speaks of a "deflected revolution." What one event caused that deflection?
And: Which of EIEIO did it belong to?
(hint: main point of Wednesday's lecture)

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