UCSB Hist 133C, L 24:
Democratic Socialism vs. Social Democracy
by Prof. Marcuse, March 3, 2004

What were the goals of the East German revolution? What system did they want?

EIEIO Model of Causes in History

Oct. 18: H. resigns

Nov. 4, 1989 "artists' demonstration"

Stefan Heym on Nov. 4

"... it is as if one pushed open the window after all the years of stagnation --spiritual, economic, and political-- the years of dullness and mustiness, of phrasemongering and bureaucratic arbitrariness, of official blindness and deafness." ... "Someone wrote me - and the man is right: In the past weeks we have overcome our speechlessness, and we are now in the process of learning to walk upright."

Christa Wolf on Nov. 4

"The 'people of the state of the GDR' have hit the street in order to identify themselves as a 'people.' And for me, this is the most important sentence of these past weeks - the thousandfold cry: We - are - the - people! A simple statement. We don't want to forget it."

Role of the Media

Brandt in Berlin, Nov. 10

Neuruppin, Nov. 28

Leipzig, Dec. 11, 1989

Dec. 11 transition

Dec. 17: Round Table

Dec. 19: Kohl in Dresden

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