• Undergraduate student major, minor, and program advising
  • Undergraduate student petitions for major and minor requirements
  • Prerequisite checking and clearance
  • One-time room reservations for History

To receive advising on your history department major or minor:

1.) Email me with your name and perm number, visit my office hours (HSSB 4036, MTF 8-12 & 12:30-4:30) or book an appointment here.

2.) Questions about GEs, overall unit requirements, etc. can be directed to advisors in the College of Letters and Science, or the Transfer Student Center

3.) Consult the following for useful advising information for undergraduate students:


Hello All,

I will be leaving the department on Wednesday June 15th. I have loved my time here, but am looking forward to moving closer to family. Starting June 15th, please direct all advising emails to Danielle Nagy.

Wishing you all the best!