Research and Teaching Interests:

My work explores Cold War-era anarchism, organized labor, and armed struggle. I situate the Uruguayan Anarchist Federation (FAU) within Argentine and Uruguayan Dirty War histories. My research pivots around the FAU to explore everyday people’s protagonism in over two thousand illegalized work actions (including strikes, sabotage, occupations, and extortion) between 1968 and 1973. 



Selected Publications:

“El Monte’s Wildweed: Biraciality and the Punk Ethos of Gun Club’s Jeffrey Lee Pierce” In East of East: The Making of Greater El Monte, ed. Carribean Fragoza, Romeo Guzman, Alex Cummings, and Ryan Reft, Rutgers University Press, 2020

“The Women of Casa Emma: Social Reproduction, Affect, and Compromise in the Lives of Two Semi-Clandestine Armed Militants in Uruguay, 1970-73,” In Social History/Histoire Sociale, York University Press, 2020

“Ser Charrua en un País “Sin Indios”: Native Self-Identification, Collective Rights, and Destabilizing Whiteness in Uruguay,” In Border Crossing in the Americas, ed. Jadwiga Peiper Mooney, University of Arizona Press, 2021 (forthcoming)

En la selva no todo se podía ver/In the Jungle Not All Could Be Seen [Documentary film], Independent Release, 2020 (forthcoming)

Courses Taught:

Introduction to Latin American History

Art and Culture in Cold War Latin America

Fascism, Dictatorship, and State Terrorism in Latin America

Women and Revolution



Honors and Professional Activities:

UCSD Chancellor’s Research Excellence Scholarship, 2018

William Fulbright Research Scholarship – Uruguay, 2017

UCSD Institute for the Arts and Humanities Research Grant – Argentina, 2017

UCSD Center for the Humanities Research Grant, UCSD, 2015-16

Tinker Research Travel Grant –Argentina and Uruguay, 2014, 2015