Personal Statement:

My research examines the United States’ social, political, and economic integration with Pacific markets in the first half of the twentieth century.

Fields of interest: History of Capitalism, Public Policy, Labor, and Globalization

Advisors: Alice O’Connor and Mary O. Furner

Dissertation Title:

Trans-Pacific Values: The United States and the Regional Economy of the Pacific, 1900-1937.

My dissertation project examines how the regional economy of the Pacific basin took on a new place of significance in American political economy as a consequence of World War I. This interdisciplinary project draws on the fields of U.S. business history, labor, imperialism, public policy, East Asian studies, and also economics. Most scholarship has claimed that U.S. trade with countries in the Pacific was not important until after World War II, when Chinese and Japanese imports dramatically increased and competed with U.S. manufacturers and workers. However, my project examines this phenomenon as originating within an older pattern of trade that developed in response to the demands of WWI.

Selected Publications:

“Alexander Del Mar: Free Trade and the Chinese Question,” Southern California Quarterly 94.3 (Fall 2012): 304-345.

Teaching Fields:

20th Century U.S. History

Public Policy


Courses Taught:

History 17A – The American People, 1492-1820
History 17B – The American People, 1820-1920
History 17C – WWI to the Present
History 2B – World History, 1000CE to 1700 CE
History 4C – History of Western Civilizations
History 8 – Intro to Latin American History
Writing 2 – Introduction to Academic Writing

Awards & Professional Activities:

2018       H.B. Du Pont Fellowship, Center for the History
of Business, Technology, and Society, Hagley
Museum and Library
2018       Van Gelderen Graduate Fellowship,
UCSB History Dept
2018       Hagley Exploratory Research Grant
2018       UCSB History Department Fellowship
2017       Silas-Palmer Fellowship, Hoover Institute &
Library, Stanford University
2017       UCSB History Associates Fellowship
2017-18  Interdisciplinary Humanities Center
Doctoral Fellowship
2017       UCSB Humanities & Social Sciences Research Grant
2017       Chandler Travel Grant
2015       Frank and Amanda Frost Prize, UCSB Hist. Dept.
2013-14  Tuition Fellowship, UCSB Hist. Dept.
2013       Graduate Fellowship for Research and Creative
Activities. CSUN, Graduate Studies, Research, and
International Programs.
2012       Thesis Support Funding Award
CSUN, Graduate Studies, Research, and
International Programs.
2012       Best Graduate Paper, CSUN History Department.
2011-12  CSU Dumke Fellowship, CSU Chancellor’s Award