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Public History - Joint Ph.D. Program in Public Historical Studies



2011-2012 Students






Joint Program






The departments of History at the University of California - Santa Barbara and California State University - Sacramento invite applications to the joint Ph.D. Program in Public Historical Studies (PHS). The partnership between UCSB and CSUS makes available to PHS students an expanded faculty and the historic resources of California's capital city. Students in the program develop an advanced level of historical research skills and the ability to think systematically about professional issues.

One of the oldest and best-known public history graduate training centers in the United States, UCSB has produced over one hundred public history alumni, who have gone on to a wide variety of careers as historians in museums, archives, corporations, governmental agencies and universities. Others have established successful historical consulting firms or work as independent contractors. Graduates of the program constitute an active mentoring network and support system for currently enrolled students seeking internships or career opportunities in the field.

CSUS brings to the joint Ph.D. program a long history of training graduate students for the profession. The CSUS faculty have worked closely with state agencies and institutions in the state capitol to offer students unsurpassed opportunities for work experience and interaction with professional practitioners. CSUS has recently been named the hosting institution for the California Council for the Promotion of History.

The joint program faculty have expertise of unique range and depth in museums and memory, public history policy, cultural resources management, business and institutional history, and community and local history. In addition, associated history faculty and affiliates offer public history students broad array of fields for Ph.D. study by period, place, and topic, encouraging the development of innovative specialties. Members of the faculty have directed the California Council for the Promotion of History, the state's chief public history association, and have assumed prominent roles in the National Council on Public History. The internationally recognized journal The Public Historian has been edited by UCSB faculty, staff, and students. Since the journal founding in 1978, and it is an important force, shaping the intellectual direction of the field.

Applicants must have an MA in history, public history, or related field. (CSUS offers this degree to those interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in the joint program.) Applications must be received by December 5. Students are admitted for the fall quarter only.

Click here to visit the joint program at California State University, Sacramento