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Randy Bergstrom My research and professional work is in Public History and the history of public policy in the U.S. from the 1860s to 1920s. I serve as editor of the journal THE PUBLIC HISTORIAN, founded and edited at UCSB since 1978 in conjunction with the National Council for Public History. MORE...

Lisa Jacobson worked for a number of years as an interviewer and editor at the Regional Oral History Office at UC Berkeley. MORE...

Mary Hancock's academic training is in cultural anthropology but, over the past couple decades, she cultivated an interest in and appreciation for the work of public historians. MORE...

Harold Marcuse didn't take a single history course in college, until he went to study abroad during his senior year. Inspired by several fascinating teachers, he became interested in art history, worked as a tour guide, and ultimately wrote a Master's thesis (contents and 100-page pdf) about German monuments and memorials commemorating events during the Nazi period. MORE...

Ann Marie Plane has been on the UCSB faculty since fall of 1994. Prior to that time she worked in several museum settings... MORE...

Stephan Miescher, History (African history, oral history)

Affiliated faculty in related disciplines:

Eileen Boris, Women's Studies (historical context for museum exhibitions; public policy issues related to women, work, and welfare)

Swati Chattopadhyay, History of Art and Architecture (modern architecture, cultural landscape of colonialism)

Roger O. Friedland, Sociology (the politics of architecture, religious nationalism, cultural sociology, sociology of time and space)

Mark Meadow, History of Art and Architecture (history of collecting, history of rhetoric, memory, historical epistemology, museology)

Hyung Il Pai, East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies (nationalism and heritage management policy, museum studies and cultural resources, tourism and development)

E. Bruce Robertson, History of Art and Architecture (museum studies, the history of collections)

Janet Walker, Film Studies (film history and historiography, documentary film)

Volker M. Welter, History of Art and Architecture (history and theory of architecture, urbanism)

Charles Wolfe, Film Studies (film history and criticism)

Mayfair Yang, East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies (sociocultural anthropology, critical theory, modern state and civil society)