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CCWS Members

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CCWS members work on numerous aspects of the Cold War era and on foreign relations in general.

CCWS Leadership and Staff

Salim Yaqub

Director of the Center for Cold War Studies (CCWS)
Associate Professor of History

History of US Foreign Relations
HSSB 4233, syaqub@history.ucsb.edu

Eric Fenrich

CCWS Administrative Assistant
PhD Candidate

Executive Committee

Tsuyoshi Hasegawa, ex-officio
Salim Yaqub, ex-officio
Patrick McCray, Department of History (History of Modern Physical Sciences and Techology)

Affiliated Faculty and Professional Members

Lawrence Badash (1934-2010), Department of History (History of Science)
Dimitri Akulov,Department of History (Modern Europe)
Aaron Belkin, Department of Political Science, San Francisco State University
Barbara Bodine, Former US Ambassador to Yemen
Marguerite Bouraad-Nash, Department of Political Science
Juan Campo, Department of Religious Studies
Lou Cannon, Journalist and Author
Jane DeHart, Department of History (American Women and Recent US)
Sabine Frühstuck, East Asian Languages & Cultural Studies
Colin Gardner, Art & Architecture
Lisa Hajjar, Law & Society
Mark Juergensmeyer, Global and International Studies
Laura Kalman, Department of History (Recent US History)
Cynthia Kaplan, Department of Political Science
Suk-young Kim, Dramatic Arts & Dance
John Lee, Department of History (Ancient Greece)
Nelson Lichtenstein, Department of History (US Labor History, 20th Century US)
Fredrik Logevall, Department of History, Cornell University
     co-founder of and former co-director of CCWS
Fernando Lopez-Alves, Department of Sociology
Patrick McCray, Department of History (History of Modern Physical Sciences and Tech.)
Rose McDermott, Department of Political Science, Brown University
Alice O'Connor, Department of History (US Public Policy)
William I. Robinson, Department of Sociology
Jennifer See, Department of History, Faculty Fellow
Michael Stohl, Department of Communication
J.E. Talbott, Department of History (19th and 20th Century Europe)
Sander Vanocur, Journalist and Author
Charles Wolfe, Department of Film Studies

Graduate Student Members:

Janet Britton, US Foreign Relations
Joe Campo, Modern Europe
Laurence Christian, Modern Europe
Matt DeFraga, Modern Europe
Maeve Devoy, US Political History
Eric Fenrich
, Cold War History
Henry Maar, Modern US
John Smoley, Public History
Mitchell Stewart


Toshihiko Aono, Senin Koshi (Assistant Professor), Law Faculty, Hitotsubashi University (Tokyo)
Joseph Bassi, History of Science, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Paul Baltimore, US Foreign Relations
Jessica Chapman, Assistant Professor, Department of History, Williams College
Sandra Dawson, Lecturer, Department of History, Northern Illinois University
Charles Delgadillo, Lecturer, Brooks Institute
Roger Eardley-Pryor, History of Science/US History
Erik Esselstrom, Assistant Professor, Department of History, University of Vermont
Richard Fogarty, Assistant Professor, Department of History, SUNY at Albany
George Fujii, US Foreign Relations
Jacob Hamblin, Assistant Professor, College of Liberal Arts, Oregon State University
Paul Hirsch, Cold War Studies
Ken Hough, Lecturer, US History
Carolyn Lewis, U.S. Women's History
Jill Jensen, Modern US Public Policy
Andrew Johns, Assistant Professor, Department of History, Brigham Young University 
Ken Osgood, Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts and International Studies, Colorado School of Mines
Alan Mason, Modern Europe
Kimber Quinney, Lecturer, Department of History, Cal State San Marcos
John Sbardellati, Assistant Professor, Department of History, University of Waterloo
David Schuster, Assistant Professor, Department of History, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne
Brandon Seto, Lecturer, Loyola Marymount
Ellie Shermer, Loyola University (Chicago)
Kathryn Statler, Associate Professor, Department of History, University of San Diego
Shigeru Sugiyama, Associate Professor, Department of Information Arts, Shizuoka University
Matt Sutton, Assistant Professor, Department of History, Washington State University
Tara Woodruff Tubb, Modern Europe
Leandra Zarnow, Department of History, University of Houston

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